It is an honour and a privilege as well as being a pleasure for me to become the latest President of the OS Club. I am conscious of the stature and achievements of my predecessors in the role and hope that I can maintain the standards which they have set.

In recent months there has been a changing of the guard with the departure from significant roles in the OS Club of the 3 Wise Men , Neil McKerrow , Nigel Horsfall and John Morris whose long association with Sedbergh has brought them into contact with many generations of OSs. Their experience, their wisdom and their guidance will be greatly missed by us all. Fortunately we have been able to find excellent replacements for Nigel in Ben Collins and for John in David Calvert so the transition has been seamless. We also have the inestimable advantage of the continuing Chairmanship of Jan van der Velde.

One of the enduring legacies of Neil McKerrow’s Presidency is the Great War Pilgrimage which he conceived , researched , and has organised to date . There have been memorable expeditions to Mons/Ypres last year and Gallipoli only last month both of which were led by Neil with aplomb. Over the next 2 years the Pilgrimage will remain an important focus of our attention and plans have already begun to be made for the next expedition to a significant theatre of war , to honour the memory of the OSs who died there , namely to the Somme , probably in September 2016.

Against the background of the success of the Great War Pilgrimage and the emergence of Business Groups intended to bring together OSs ( particularly younger OSs ) for their mutual benefit , the Club is constantly looking at ways of enabling OSs to meet and make or renew friendships with those with whom they have so much in common. Regional Dinners still take place but are not as popular as they once were , particularly amongst younger OSs. The Club is uniquely able to target OSs of every generation , so we welcome any suggestion which anyone may have of any event or activity which might appeal to any section of the OS community and provide an opportunity for a get together.We would like to facilitate what you would like to happen.

I am happy to be able to report that the School is doing extremely well at the moment , both in terms of its numbers and its achievements. Our aim is to match the success of the School with an energetic and vibrant OS Club. I look forward to seeing and hearing from as many of you as possible over the course of the next 2 years.

John Walford

Old Sedberghian Club