1980-81 OS REUNION

It was a great pleasure to meet up with Old Sedberghian leavers from 1980 and 1981 at the London Steakhouse on 9th February. As with every cohort of Sedberghians, life has taken these men in many different directions after leaving school, but the years melted away and the old stories of our time at Sedbergh soon started to be retold. As with all these stories they are probably nothing like the truth, having been embellished over the years (certainly mine are!) but they are all the more entertaining for it.

Although, as a 1982 leaver and therefore a junior, I was somewhat daunted to sit amongst these people I once looked up to (I still do of course); they welcomed me into their fold. For five hours the room was filled with conversation, laughter, and shouts of ‘please pass the wine’. It was a grand day and much fun.

Thank you to Bob (Rob Varley) Peters, from Travel Counsellors who kindly sponsored the event, and to James Robertson (E 87-93) at the London Steakhouse who gave us the familiar warm welcome that is always extended to visiting OS.

Throughout 2024 we will be hosting reunions for many year groups to celebrate all things Sedbergh. We look forward to meeting many more OS at these intimate events.

Jan van der Velde