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1982 XV 40 Year Sedbergh Reunion Weekend

After 20 years of talking about organising a reunion for the 1982 XV, before bodies became too disabled and memories too faded, the idea became reality over the weekend of the 8/9/10 July, and of the 21 who played on the 1982 XV, 11 made it to Sedbergh. A big effort was made by all, especially those coming in from Australia, USA and Singapore.

The School and the OS Club got behind the initiative and Dan and Ben organised a superb weekend taking in:

  • Fri night
    • At the Dalesman (where the years rolled back and two King Epis held court)
  • All day Sat
    • An early morning trot up Winder (as some sort of traditional punishment for the behaviour of the night before)
    • A gathering on Busk (to recreate Ye Olde Team photo)
    • A School Tour (of still familiar facilities)
    • A round of very competitive golf at the super impressive new Sedbergh golf course (with the forwards demonstrating an unexpected prowess)
    • Champagne and canapes at Busk Pavillion with Dan and Cathy Harrison, Hugh Blair and David Vigar (providing an impressive update on how well the School is now doing)
    • A much deserved colours award ceremony with a new name to be added to the team list (for a set of performances that went unrecognised at the time)
    • A moment of respect to the memory of Charles Vincent (who very sadly passed on some years ago)
    • A few moments on Busk with a ball (that only validated the rumour that this was a team within which forwards did not need to develop even the most basic of handling skills)
    • A sumptuous dinner in the extremely impressive Hirst Centre looking down on Busk (reliving the glory days in an utterly indulgent trip down memory lane, with copious amounts of Black Sheep sparking a remarkable level of memory recall)
  • Sun morning
    • Some monumental hangovers and a bracing swim in the Rawthey

It seems that the event was enjoyed by all and ended with James Grey (as Captain of the 1983 XV) vowing to get Charlie Ayton to organise something similar next year…………..

Any doubts about the merits of such an event were quickly erased and old friendships rekindled in a remarkably short time, with plans for repeats in London over the next few years.

Whilst the spirit of rugby was the spark, the toast for the weekend was for a successful future of a School which brought us all together in the first place all those years ago.

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