December 2016

OS Running Team Finish 3rd at the Annual Alumni Cross Country Race at Wimbledon Common

On Saturday 17th December the OS Running team took part in the Annual Alumni Cross Country run at Wimbledon Common. There were over 25 Alumni teams running from a wide range of schools across the UK with over 200 runners lining up on the start to race the 5 mile course. The Old Sedberghian team had one of the biggest squads we had ever had for the race which included the Headmaster, Andrew Fleck and the current Master in charge of Running at Sedbergh, Jon Richardson. It was a real honour to have them both running as guests for the...
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Fraser has been working towards making a film based on his previous life as a professional trumpet player. The story is about the tragic fall from grace of a classical trumpet player struggling with mental health issues that loses everything and ends up homeless. Following this an inspiring journey unfolds on the streets where he try’s to regain his will to live and love of music again. Fraser is shooting the short film in January and currently trying to raise $50,000 to make it possible. The aim is to win many awards around the world at major festivals with it and...
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Chairman’s Christmas message

So we come to an end of another year. What a year it has been and quite where it will lead us in 2017 is anyone’s guess. But next year can wait for a few more days. Now is a time for reflection as we gather home for Christmas and while the world stops turning for a few hours at least. We spend time with our families, we remember those who have gone, we drink lots, we eat lots, and we make resolutions which we will break at our leisure, usually by January. Enjoy this festive time. Recharge the batteries...
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World War II Sedberghian Casualty research

Support for the OS WW1 pilgrimage has been tremendous. So far 160 of the 257 graves and memorials have been visited. Over the next two years the remaining 103 graves will be visited by official pilgrimage tours and dedicated individuals making personal visits. While the next two years will have a strong focus on WW1 the archive is continuing to collect personal reminiscences for Sedberghians who died in WW2. If you or a family member would be willing to share photographs or memories of Old Sedberghian’s who lost their lives in WW2 please do get in touch. Our long term...
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Paul Page 1964-2016

Earlier this year I wrote of Paul Page, an Old Luptonian and life long friend.  Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he fought valiantly for a year. However it is with deep sadness that I write to inform you that he passed away last week with his wife at his bedside. He was a man who so wanted to live, and had so much to live for, with three young wonderful children and his wife, Caroline, who has been such a strength and support during this last year. Naturally our thoughts go out to them at this time. For those who may...
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