Chums All,

As always I hope our missive from the nerve centre at the Club’s HQ finds you well.

This month, as one does, I thought I would pop in to see my good friend David. I was passing anyway and it seemed rude not to take round some fudge and other goodies. It was also an opportunity to practice my Latin on some of the local ‘bobbies’ who always like a bit of banter to brighten up their day. At least that’s what one of them said as he wrote down my name and address in his notebook.

Anyway, David always makes a fine brew and over a cup of ‘hot and strengthening’,  and while David was chewing away on a bit of Kendal mint cake which had arrived that morning from my new supplier, I took the opportunity to mention the OS Club’s internship programme. For those of you who don’t know about it, we, the Club, arrange for students (or leavers) at Sedbergh School to find work placements which in general are offered by members of the Club in their place of work. We call such placements ‘internships’ but some students are looking for, say, four weeks work experience, and some perhaps employment during their gap year. Many that have offered such placement have noted the high calibre of the intern and have benefitted themselves as a result.

It is a programme that has found resonance amongst our members. It has been a chance to help the next generation, just as we were helped in our youth. So the world goes round, so we make it a better place.

While we have a number of placement offers by OSs we need more; partly because the School has more pupils than ever before, and partly because we need more diversity of work experience. This is a global programme, not just a UK one.

If you think you can help, if you would be willing to support those who are just setting out on their professional journey, then please contact our debonair and good humoured Club Secretary, Ben Collins (bpc@sedberghschool.org 015396 21290).

David suggested there may be some places coming up soon on the Cabinet. I’m not sure if he was joking, as by this time he was bouncing around the office.  I assumed this was just a sugar rush but which I now realise may have been caused by a general confusion with my new supplier of Kendal who had perhaps misconstrued my enquiry for ‘the white cake’. Thought it was on the pricey side.

Jan van der Velde