Fellow Siblings of Sedbergh, I hope this newsletter finds you well.

Our Alumni Director, the debonair Ben Collins, and myself have been continuing the good work of the Pilgrimage. We have been on a road trip to Belgium and France to visit some of the fallen. By now many of you will have heard that the OS Club has undertaken something quite special. We, collectively, set out in 2014 to visit the final resting place of every one of our fallen from the First World War, and to do so by 11th November 2018. Of the 257 names inscribed upon the Cloisters 238 have so far been visited. Each has been respectfully honoured with a reading, a cross, and soil from Winder. The Pilgrimage is unique in it’s ambition and scope. As for our road trip we visited 20 graves. As always it was a moving experience to stand by the grave, or inscribed name, and read about their short lives.

Moving from the past to the present, I was at Sedbergh at the end of term to welcome the Class of 2018 to the OS Club. Quite a number of you have, in one way or another, offered to help these younger OS as they find their way in the world. Thank you for your voluntary services, it is important, and it is much appreciated. If there are more of you that can help, whether just by giving career advice, the offer of work experience, or being a friendly face in a foreign land, then please contact Ben Collins, bpc@sedberghschool.org. Helping the next generation of OS, just as we were helped in our time, is central to what we, as a Club, represent.

Keep safe and stay well!

Jan van der Velde