2017-03-20 Eve of Wilson Run Dinner, Simonstone Hall (12)
2017-03-20 Eve of Wilson Run Dinner, Simonstone Hall (46)
2017-03-20 Eve of Wilson Run Dinner, Simonstone Hall (15)

Some things come around with quite alarming regularity. A reminder, if one were needed, that the years are ticking by. There is of course  the Boat Race in the south and we have our very own Wilson Run in the north.

The Wilson Run has become a major event for members of our illustrious Club. The annual dinner, held in honour of this auspicious race, has itself become a celebration, not only of the race, but also of our friendship and our heritage. So this year we descended on Simonstone Hall near Hawes. A full house with seventy souls; some esteemed winners in years gone by, some ‘also rans’ (my standard), and friends of the School who share and delight in the history of the School and the Race.

It was great to see a mini reunion of the 1966 1st XV team which Simon Berry was instrumental in arranging. Brooke Dowse, my old Housemaster, came all the way over from Ireland to reunite with those players he coached fifty years ago as well as catching up with many friends from the staff room and OS community.

President of the Club, John Walford welcomed everybody  at the dinner and the Headmaster gave a fascinating update on how well the school is currently doing.

Jennifer Thornely (the late Michael Thornely’s wife) kindly played the piano accompaniment to the Long Run and Winder where everybody joined in to sing. Johnny Campbell (2016 winner and current record holder was present along with fellow winners, Norman Berry (1962), John Brearley (1967- a fifty year anniversary), our Club Secretary Ben Collins (2002) and Sam Fisher (2010) were all present.

Many OSs enjoyed a run around the course the following morning (well done indeed you brave things) and enjoyed the race in the afternoon.

A special thanks must go to OS Jake Dinsdale, Director at Simonstone Hall for offering us such great hospitality and fine food. We look forward to hosting the event at Simonstone Hall again next year!

And lastly well done as ever to our erstwhile Club Secretary Ben Collins. The net presenter score (yes we are now a modern Club with KPI’s) was 9.4 out of 10. Fantastic indeed and demonstrates once again that we are fast becoming the best alumni association of any school in the UK.

Happy Easter!
Jan van der Velde
Chairman, OS Club