Once again the days are getting longer and soon we’ll all be putting on our old sports socks and reliving our youth by running in the cool air of an evening. While the fireplace and the TV are always tempting alternatives, I shall be running (a word I use in its broadest sense) in the park as I have a race coming up for which I need to start training. Yes, it’s the annual race around the ‘Ten’ between the Bursar and the Chairman of the OS Club.

Ten Mile Day has become a great favourite amongst the OS community. The day is of course about the runners but there is a certain bond that exists between us all as we collectively remember the days when we too pushed ourselves to the limits. We empathise with those who now take to the course.

This year we are once again holding a pre race dinner at Simonstone Hall. It has become a great favourite and if tickets are already sold out then I urge you to book early for next year.

This year we also remember Brooke Dowse, (Housemaster, rugby coach, classicist, and friend to many), at his memorial service on 19th March (the day before the Ten). We are expecting somewhere between two and three hundred at the service and afterwards we will descend on Lupton House for refreshments. It promises to be a fitting event for someone who gave so much to Sedbergh.

We hope to see as many of you as possible, at Lupton House, at Simonstone Hall, or just out on the fells encouraging the next generation as they seek glory and honour around the ‘Ten’.


Jan van der Velde
OS Club