After spending the past 4 years developing his life’s work into a feature film, Fraser Precious (W 99-06) successfully premiered his short film concept for ‘A Precious Life’ at this years Cannes Film Festival. Fraser wrote, produced, directed and starred in the film that was met with critical acclaim from various members of the mental health, music and film industry that attended. Since the short film’s debut at Cannes, Fraser has already won the Best Actor award at another international film festival.

The film is about Fraser’s previous life as a classical trumpet player performing with Symphony Orchestra’s in the Sydney Opera house 10 years ago. After a series of unfortunate events, Fraser lost everything imaginable and ended up homeless, fighting for his survival. An inspiring journey then unfolded on the streets to rediscover his will to live and love of music again through inspiring human connections and friendships that bring people together.

Fraser has made the short film concept to gain momentum for his grand vision for the feature film that he hopes will really bring this story to life in cinemas around the world. The film carries inspiring life messages that will raise much needed awareness for the mental health and homeless communities as well as give a real insight into the classical world and power of music.

Fraser is now seeking an investment of £4 million to make the feature film possible and to release this enlightening story to help others through their struggles and journey’s in life. If anyone connected to Sedbergh School has the ability to invest or help support Fraser’s vision for the feature film in any way, please email: preciouslifefilms@gmail.com or contact Fraser on 07539393014 to be a part of this inspiring project.