For any OS who might enjoy a wander down memory lane in these difficult times, a free version of anthropologist and historian Alan Macfarlane’s (L 55-60) ‘Sedbergh Schooldays‘ is available for download. The autobiographical content focuses on life at Sedbergh in the late 1950’s. A website devoted to Alan’s projects and publications including Sedbergh Schooldays can be viewed here.

Alan also did film interviews with three important figures in recent Sedbergh history; his teachers Andrew Morgan and David Alban, and Lord Tom Bingham.

A parallel set of letters from Jamie (SH 54-59) and Sandy Bruce-Lockhart OBE, grandsons of the famous headmaster, are published on Amazon and can be viewed here. They complement the Sedbergh volume – as does the volume Lakeland Life which is about Alan’s life in the Lake District on holidays from Sedbergh.