So we come to an end of another year. What a year it has been and quite where it will lead us in 2017 is anyone’s guess.

But next year can wait for a few more days. Now is a time for reflection as we gather home for Christmas and while the world stops turning for a few hours at least. We spend time with our families, we remember those who have gone, we drink lots, we eat lots, and we make resolutions which we will break at our leisure, usually by January.

Enjoy this festive time. Recharge the batteries and use the opportunity that this time affords. Ring someone lonely, call on someone new. Make friends. You can never have enough.

As always on Christmas day, and as I try to control my two grandchildren who will be over excited and causing chaos, I will think of Sedbergh and I will raise a glass to you all.

I will wish you all a most Merry Christmas and prosperity in the years to come. And then I will no doubt have to clear up the mess that my grandsons have made while I was briefly distracted. Who cares, it’s Christmas!


Cheers one and all

Jan van der Velde
Chairman, OS Club