Chairman’s Interim Report

Dear Friends

I write at a time of great uncertainty for many of us. Plans are changing hour by hour as we try to react to government advice and instruction.

As a result the OS Club has cancelled the Wilson Run Dinner and the School has postponed the Wilson Run.

Other OS events are under constant review but the proposed trip to the Alps and the History Society trip have both been postponed.

This aside, the real issue is that we will all be affected to a greater or lesser extent in the months to come. Some will fall ill, some will be worried about their jobs, or concerned about their business. Many of us will be working from home.

However isolation doesn’t mean you have to feel isolated, and being alone doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely. The Club is always here and ready to help where possible. If you live alone and need support maybe we know someone who lives nearby and can help. If you’re worried and need advice, or just need someone to talk to, we do know lots of good people who have a variety of experience and perspectives and who would be happy to share their wisdom or just act as a sounding board. As always just email Ben Collins ( or call him on 07531 469256. His phone is always on.

So chin up, stay safe, and let’s hope the world is soon through the present crisis.


Jan van der Velde
OS Club Chairman