Friends and colleagues,

Your intrepid Chairman is writing this message from the sunny climes of Fuzhou on the west coast of China. Some of you will already be ahead of the game and realise this is where our international school, Rong Qiao Sedbergh School (RQSS), has been created.

And what a place it is! The first phase has been completed (in a year) and is open for business. The full school will be completed in another twelve months and eventually take up to 3,000 pupils.


The school itself has been built, and is run by, the Rong Qiao Group. They share the same values as Sedbergh and this underpins a united philosophy for the education of children.

My trip was timed to represent Sedbergh School during a visit by His Royal Highness The Duke of York. I’m glad to report the visit by Prince Andrew went well and did much to further cement relations between our two institutions. Please see the additional article in the newsletter on the Duke’s visit.

It was also an opportunity for me to explain about the workings of the OS Club and our vision to be the leading alumni association of any school. Great interest was shown by staff and parents alike. This heralds the inauguration of an alumni association for RQSS. In time, and once the RQSS Alumni Association is established, we hope that our two associations will work closely together, sharing contacts and career opportunities, for the benefit of younger OS in both the UK and China as they take their first steps in their professional lives.


It is an exceptional school. There have been many people, both in the UK and China, who have worked very hard, and have shown great vision, to bring about the formation of RQSS. They are to be congratulated. Of particular note is Jared Djuhar for building the school to the highest of standards, with all its many amenities, in just two years.

My sincere thanks to the Headmaster and staff of RQSS who have been most hospitable and friendly throughout my stay. I have much enjoyed my time here in China. My thanks also to the Chairman of the Rong Qiao Group, Tedy Djuhar, and his sons Jared and Jasper for making me feel so welcome. Their vision and foresight is to be applauded.

Cheers for now,

Jan van der Velde
Chairman, OS Club