A recent email from an Old Sedberghian after our Reunion Dinner in the House of Commons prompts me to reflect on the shared Sedbergh experience which crosses generations. He wrote,

Dear Helen,

Just a quick note to say thank you for an excellent event at the House of Commons. It was interesting as we were four old Luptonian men sharing a table with four, much younger, old Luptonian girls. Even though there were a considerable number of years between us, the conversation flowed as we seemed to have so much in common relating to life at Sedbergh.

A lot of us from our era are still in touch and holiday together in unusual places such as Laos, Uzbekistan, Peru and Namibia. We have just returned from backpacking in Albania and next year we are in the Ukraine.  We are also coming to run the Wilson Run course as we wanted to do it as we hit our 60th birthdays.

Just trying to get the message across that Sedbergh can be a rewarding life long experience for pupils.

Thanks again and best wishes

Andrew Leitch 

Lupton 72-76

Despite the changes in School and the passage of years, Sedberghians share a special bond which crosses the generations, the gender divide and takes them to extraordinary places with the closest of friends.

In an era of ephemera and measurement, it’s the things which last a lifetime that matter most.

Andrew Fleck