David Pearce’s (P 81-86) Memorial Fundraiser For Fallen Old Sedberghians


Inspired by the Sedbergh School VE Day Assembly in May, Old Powellian David Pearce (81-86) has initiated a superb fundraiser in support of the Royal British Legion by purchasing a Commemorative Tommy figure for each of the 198 Sedberghians who gave the the ultimate sacrifice during WW2.

Please see below for a message from David Pearce:

A VE Day Tommy for each of the 198 Fallen OS’s 

I was moved on the morning of VE Day by the words of Mr Follett delivering the  Sedbergh School VE Day Assembly in front of the cloisters.  Whilst we remember the brave acts of so many people to whom we owe our freedom. I thought it would be special to support the Royal British Legion by purchasing a Commemorative Tommy figure  for each of the 198 Sedbeghians who gave their lives in that war. Not only would it raise funds for this national charity, but it brings some direct and personal meaning in relation to those who died with a very direct connection to each of our pasts. 

Whether these commemorative statues are repatriated to their boarding houses, used by the history department to bring the subject of the 2nd war to life, I am sure that the school will find a multitude of inspiring uses for them and along with the sandstone of the cloisters help to make sure we and future generations of Sedberghians honour and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 


Please donate a Tommy so that we can present all 198 to the school and share this amongst as many of your fellow OS’s, Parents, Students and friends. 
The cost of each VE Day Commemorative Tommy is £33. They are uniquely numbered and made by veterans. 
All funds will be used to purchase the Commemorative Tommy Figures from the Royal British Legion and present them to the school as soon as lockdown is over. Each figure will be matched with the name of one of the 198 OS. 

Thank you for your generosity. 
David Pearce 
(P 81-86)

Please click here to visit David’s gofundme page and to donate to this poignant cause.