Philip Francis Lister (P 41-45) 1927-2020

The OS Club is sad to announce the passing of Philip Lister (P 41-45), who died on 10th June 2020, aged 92.

John Plummer Lister (P 38-42) 1924-2020

The OS Club has received the sad news that John Lister (P 38-42) passed away on 16th March at the age of 96.

Robin G Laird (Former Staff & Honorary OS)

The OS Club is sad to announce the passing of former School Chaplain, Robin Laird, who passed away on 8th June 2020. He was a member of staff from 1993-1998. More information will follow soon.

Gavin David Anderson (H 1955-1959) 1941-2020

Sadly the OS Club has been informed that Gavin Anderson (H 55-59) passed away this year at the age of 78. He was on the 1st XV team of 1959.

John Duckworth (E 1945-1950) 1931-2020

Sadly the OS Club has been informed that long time supporter of the School, John Duckworth (E 45-50), passed away on 21st April at the age of 88.

Richard Alleyn Haslam (P 1943-1948) 1929-2020

The OS Club is sad to announce the passing of Richard Haslam (P 43-48), who died on 9th April 2020, aged 90.

John le Gallienne Gilchrist (E 1954-1958) 1940-2020

The OS Club has received the sad news that John Gilchrist (E 54-58) passed away on 25th February at the age of 79.

Robert Venters (SH 1946-1950) 1933-2020

The OS Club is sad to announce the passing of Robert Venters (SH 46-50), who died of Covid-19 on 7th May, aged 87. He had fond memories of his time at Sedbergh and especially enjoyed playing on the 1st XV in 1949 and 1950.

David Renshaw Martin (S 1946-1950) 1933-2020

The OS Club has received the sad news that David Martin (S 46-50) passed away peacefully in his home on 26th March 2020 at the age of 86.

Walter Douglas Bertram (E 1945-1948) 1930-2019

Sadly the OS Club has been informed that Walter Bertram (E 45-48) passed away in October 2019 at the age of 88.

Ian Everard Pilkington (W 1951-1954) 1937-2020

The OS Club is sad to announce the passing of Ian Pilkington (W 51-54), who died on 21st April 2020, aged 96.

Philip Hillary Hunter (L 1964-1969) 1950-2020

Sadly the OS Club has been informed that Philip Hunter (L 64-69) passed away on 23st April at the age of 69.

Norman Gainsford Wright (H 1941-1945) 1927-2020

The OS Club is sad to announce the passing of Norman Wright (H 41-45), who died of Covid-19 on April 5th, aged 92. Birdwatching was a passion of his.

Charles Anthony “Tony” Shaw (W 1951-1956) 1938-2020

The OS Club has received the sad news that Tony Shaw (W 51-56) passed away peacefully in his home on 6th April 2020 at the age of 82, after a long illness. His wife, Carmen, expressed that Tony always had very fond memories of his time at Sedbergh where he built up the foundations to become a man who never gave up in the face of adversity, which led him to develop a very successful career of 30 years with BP.

Shaw played for Winder House rugby team from 1954; the team was described as “an exceptionally good pack”. He also played for the Winder fives team in 1954-6 and Winder cricket team in 1955.

Shaw played for the school 3rd XI in 1954, 2nd XI in 1955 and 1st XI in 1956. He became a House Prefect in 1955 and a School Prefect in January 1956. In 1956, Shaw was also the secretary of the Forum Society.

Shaw ran the Wilson Run in 1955 and 1956, with a best time of 1.28.6.

In 1959, Shaw received the Half Blue honour for lacrosse.

Carl “Victor” Wild (P 1937-1941) 1923-2020

The OS Club is sad to announce the passing of Victor Wild (P 37-41), who died in April 2020, aged 96. Please click here for an obituary.

Wild was a School Prefect and received the Murray Craigmile Art prize in 1940. He was a member of the Chapel Choir and played the violin at the 1937 Speech Day Concert. Wild also received the Lent Term 1937 form prize and the 1938 form drawing prize. Wild was a house prefect at Powell House. An additional obituary from The Yorkshire Post can be viewed here.

Maj. Francis “James” Goddard (MBE) (W 1947-1952) 1933-2020

Sadly the OS Club has been informed that James Goddard (W 47-52) passed away on 21st March 2020 at the age of 86.

Dr James William Alexander “Bill” Moxon (E 1943-1948) 1930-2020

We are sad to share the news that Bill Moxon (E 54-58) passed away in April at the age of 90. Moxon played in the school colts team in 1945 and the Evans House 2nd XV team for the 1946 House competition. He was also a member of the winning Evans cricket team for the House matches in 1947. In 1947 and 1948 Moxon was the secretary of the tennis club, and an under-officer in 1948. In 1948, Moxon played for Evans House in the House matches, and was awarded 2nd XV colours. He was a member of the Tennis VI and won the Senior Singles Ladder in 1948. Please click here for more information.

David Robert Buchanan Russell (P 1949-1954) 1935-2020

Russell 1954

We are sad to share the news that former Head Boy David Russell (E 54-58) passed away from Covid-19 on 31st March at the age of 84.

Russell was awarded the Moodie Exhibition on entering Sedbergh School in 1949. He played for Powell House in the panters, junior rugby, fives and colts teams, and captained the house colts XI in 1952. For the school, Russell played in the colts team and the 3rd XV, winning three of the four matches in the 1952 season against other schools’ 1st and 2nd XV teams.

Russell was appointed a School Prefect in September 1953 and was the cricket secretary for 1953-4. In the house drill cup of 1952, Russell commanded the Junior Squad. He was awarded his 2nd XI, 3rd XV and house colours in 1953. He continued to play in the Powell House cricket, rugby and fives teams, and was the captain of the house cricket team in 1954.

In 1953, Russell joined the school’s 1st XV and 1st XI, the latter of which he captained in 1954. In March 1954 he received his 1st XI and 1st XV colours, and won the Arthur Smith Cup. Please click here for more details.

Peter Frederick Armstrong (1943-1948) 1929-2020

Sadly the OS Club has been informed that Peter Armstrong (43-48) passed away recently in Canada, aged 90.

David Horsley (S 1939-1943) 1925-2020

The OS Club has received the sad news that David Horsley (S 39-43) passed away on 8th March at the age of 94.


* Names in gold indicate an obituary link.

First Name(s)SurnameHouseat SedberghDate
Philip FrancisListerPowell1941-1945June 2020
(The Rev) Robin GLairdFormer Staff & Honorary OS1993-1998June 2020
RobertVentersSchool House1946-1950May 2020
JohnDuckworthEvans1945-1950April 2020
Ian EverardPilkingtonWinder1951-1954April 2020
Richard AlleynHaslamPowell1943-1948April 2020
Philip HillaryHunterLupton1964-1969April 2020
Norman GainsfordWrightHart1941-1945April 2020
Charles Anthony "Tony"ShawWinder1951-1956April 2020
Carl "Victor"WildPowell1937-1941April 2020
Dr James William Alexander "Bill"MoxonEvans1943-1948April 2020
Gavin DavidAndersonHart1955-19592020
John PlummerListerPowell1938-1942March 2020
David RenshawMartinSedgwick1946-1950March 2020
(Maj.) Francis JamesGoddard (MBE)Winder1947-1952March 2020
David Robert BuchananRussellPowell1949-1954March 2020
Peter FrederickArmstrongDay Pupil1943-19482020
DavidHorsleySedgwick1939-1943March 2020
John PerranCurrySedgwick1942-1945March 2020
John le GallienneGilchristEvans1954-1958February 2020
MichaelSanger-DaviesSedgwick1950-1954February 2020
Peter JAttenboroughFormer Headmaster1975-1981February 2020
Anthony Peter ThomasHighamEvans1954-1958January 2020
(Cdr) David StuartWhiteLupton1950-1954January 2020
Peter KidsonPoskittHart1945-19502019
Robert JohnTweedaleSchool House1941-1945December 2019
David BrookSutcliffeWinder1948-1953November 2019
Alan WilliamParkesSedgwick1974-1977November 2019
(Maj.) Andrew Archibald Steele "Archie"ScottSedgwick1932-1937November 2019
David RobertGreenwoodHart1958-1963November 2019
Walter DouglasBertramEvans1945-1948October 2019
Eric Aldie NeilsonMercerWinder1940-1943October 2019
Lionel VictorWalshSchool House1944-1947October 2019
(Prof.) John BarrCavanaghSchool House1935-1938October 2019
Anthony NobleFrankland (CB, CBE, DFC)Hart1936-1941October 2019
DieterPevsnerSedgwick1946-1949October 2019
Gerald Douglas HendersonSmithHart1943-1947September 2019
(Prof.) David WilliamBrocklesbySedgwick1942-1946September 2019
Clive James ForgieTurnerEvans1950-1954September 2019
MichaelLonghurstWinder1958-1963September 2019
DavidAlbanFormer Lupton Housemaster (67-76) and Member of Staff1952-1976 (Staff)September 2019
Anthony "Graeme" De BraceyMarrs (MBE)Honorary OS1939-2019 (Honorary OS)August 2019
Robert ChristopherRobinsonHart1944-1948July 2019
Victor Derek "Vic"OldfieldLupton1939-1943July 2019
Alastair JohnTurnbullSedgwick1955-1960July 2019
Jonathon James Charlton "Jon"HardeySedgwick1963-1968July 2019
John BasilCrossleyLupton1963-1968July 2019
(Dr) John GeorgeCoxonWinder1934-1938July 2019
Benjamin WilliamBennettHart1942-1944June 2019
(Dr) Geoffrey William Syme "Geoff"BurgessHart1956-1960May 2019
SheilaDonaldWidow of David Donald (OS) -
Former Headmaster of Cressbrook School (49-76)
(David Donald)
May 2019
Frederick Wilson "Freddie"HoultSchool House1951-1955May 2019
Richard AnthonyHuckSedgwick1973-1978April 2019
Roger Martin BrowneHollinsheadPowell1959-1964April 2019
David HunterO'BrienHart1945-1951April 2019
Thomas Edward "Ted"RichardsonEvans1941-1945April 2019
David ArthurGilliatPowell1948-1953March 2019
John HampdenHyattSedgwick1941-1946March 2019
Ian DouglasSangwinHart1954-1958February 2019
Michael TheodoreBroadbentSchool House1967-1972February 2019
Donald BarrettMackaySedgwick1948-1953February 2019
DouglasEynonSedgwick1949-1953February 2019
Peter EdwardRickittEvans1960-1964January 2019
Malcolm Brian TaylorBromleyLupton1950-1954January 2019
Robert James "Bob"SykesEvans1947-1950December 2018
George William "Bill"FrankEvans1944-1948December 2018
(Dr) Walter GrahamMathewsSchool House1943-1947December 2018
(The Rev) Peter J DAllenFormer Teacher, Chaplain, and Second Master1987-1993December 2018
Richard HughThomasFormer Physics Master1967-2002December 2018
Peter DavidHymasWinder1946-1950November 2018
George MarshallFish (OBE)School House1942-1946November 2018
Peter MylesHutchinsonHart1951-1955November 2018
Edward Stuart "Zeke"SmithEvans1946-1950November 2018
James RobertBruce-LockhartSchool House1954-1959November 2018
David GoodmanBlanchePowell1947-1951October 2018
(The Rev) David RoyHolmesLupton1947-1952September 2018
Charles GraemeWatherstonSedgwick1949-1953September 2018
(The Rev) James Henry "Jim"SmithSchool House1946-1950September 2018
John BlackburnTalbotWinder1940-1943September 2018
William Fawcett "Billy"BanksHart1942-1946September 2018
Neil MelvinMackayLupton1940-1945September 2018
Graham HurndallSmithHart1949-1952August 2018
Samuel John WilloughbyBarkerEvans1993-2000August 2018
William Lewis RobertsonScottEvans1949-1953August 2018
(Sir) Henry Arthur HughCortazziSedgwick1936-1941August 2018
Michael IanGriersonLupton1957-1963July 2018
Peter DonaldMcQueenEvans1951-1956July 2018
James AlexanderRobertsonSedgwick1948-1952July 2018
John Gilfillan LuscombeRobinsonHart1947-1951July 2018
Andrew SnowdenHartonEvans1963-1969June 2018
Richard JohnRossiterWinder1948-1953May 2018
Stephen Herbert KayButcherWinder1942-1947May 2018
Timothy Wace "Tim"RobertsLupton1951-1956April 2018
David FrancisBarkerWinder1936-1940April 2018
Peter MorleyYorkePowell1952-1957April 2018
(Prof) Robin StuartSharpWinder1950-1954April 2018
Stuart RobertPatonHart1977-1982March 2018
(Prof) Robert Cairns BrownAitkenWinder1947-1951March 2018
Christopher KennethMylneSedgwick1940-1945March 2018
Geoffrey RichardHagueSedgwick1939-1944March 2018
Dudley Charles DowslandMooreLupton1955-1959March 2018
(Sir) John ArchibaldFordSchool House1935-1939February 2018
John ReedHindmarshPowell1958-1963February 2018
John DouglasHileyLupton1953-1958January 2018
Hugh FrederickLockhart-BallEvans1961-1966December 2017
John François de WerdtDuvoisinEvans1949-1953January 2018
James EdwardSugden (OBE)Hart1960-1964December 2017
GrahamShepherdSedgwick1942-1946December 2017
Anthony MartinRussellHart1947-1952December 2017
Colin PatrickCrabbieLupton1960-65December 2017
Victor H BrookeDowseFormer Schoolmaster and Lupton Housemaster1963-2000November 2017
Peter Graham CarletonTaylorEvans1959-1964November 2017
Anthony NorburnCravenSedgwick1937-1941November 2017
Michael LindopBottomleyWinder1938-1943November 2017
David Graeme SalvesenMacmillanWinder1949-1953October 2017
Kenneth JohnMcCrackenSedgwick1952-1957October 2017
Stephen AllinsonJayHart1940-1943October 2017
Michael RoydenRichardsEvans1944-1948October 2017
(Prof) Henry KennethWhiteWinder1938-1941October 2017
George BNewbyWinder1956-1959October 2017
Nigel AnthonyHurstLupton1974-1978October 2017
Ian Harold MRobinsonPowell1938-1941September 2017
Patrick EdmundJollyLupton1978-1983September 2017
Leslie "Les"FletcherFormer School Lab Technician1965-1996August 2017
Robert EdwardHodgesSchool House1979-1986August 2017
Alastair JohnBreckenridgeSedgwick1955-1960July 2017
Richard Woosnam Ward "Dickie"DaweFormer Winder House Tutor1954-1963July 2017
David McNabBertramEvans1947-1951July 2017
Christopher Graham "Chris"WellsEvans1960-1965June 2017
(Prof) John SeymourConwaySchool House1943-1948June 2017
Hugh HighleySugdenSchool House1962-1966June 2017
William Henry RaymondMeageenSchool House1950-1955May 2017
Philip Angus NewhamRobothamHart1979-1984May 2017
Jeremy Frank CollingeFisherSchool House1944-1949May 2017
N Peter C PMeadowsFormer Winder Housemaster1959-1990April 2017
(Dr) Frederic SalkeldPlumptonPowell1946-1951March 2017
David MichaelBehrendSedgwick1941-1945March 2017
Richard "Rick" DavidAbbottLupton1968-1973March 2017
Peter RodneyHydeHart1957-1962March 2017
(Dr) Roger JamesMawbySedgwick1952-1957February 2017
Richard DrummondHardwickPowell 1955-1960February 2017
(The Rt Hon The Lord) David CharlesWaddington (PC)Winder1944-1947February 2017
Garth RogerNicholasHart1944-1949February 2017
Peter WalterPhillipsSedgwick1947-1952February 2017
Noel WilfridBerrySchool House1955-1960February 2017
William EdwardGreenhalghPowell1945-1949February 2017
(Sir) ChristopherBlandLupton1951-1956February 2017
Peter MichaelPoole (CBE, TD, JP, DL)Lupton1943-1946February 2017
Colin JamesSherwoodPowell1949-1952February 2017
John AlexanderGossipSchool House1944-1949December 2016
Andrew PhilipBradshawWinder1968-1973December 2016
Florian LouisDeVitoSedgwick2008-2010November 2016
Michael JamesWilsonPowell1957-1962November 2016
Paul JamesPageLupton1978-1983November 2016
Peter LowsonAddisonSchool House1945-1949October 2016
Timothy CharlesMilesonSedgwick1996-2003October 2016
(Dr) Samuel KribbYoungHart1941-1945October 2016
John RichardThompsonHart1949-1954October 2016
Ewan Douglas DavidBellWinder1951-1956October 2016
Michael RobinFowlerHart1949-1952July 2016
Robert PaulLester (MBE)Winder1930-1936July 2016
(Dr) Timothy MartinVentersSchool House1958-1963June 2016
Neil PollockMageeLupton1957-1961April 2016
(Sir) John SetonCasselsLupton1942-1946March 2016