Contact Permission and Data Protection Consent

Sedbergh School Leavers of 2020

There are many advantages of staying in touch with the School, the Old Sedberghian Club and the Sedbergh School Foundation as you move on to university and into careers. As well as the opportunity to keep in touch with your friends, there are events held throughout the world for Old Sedberghians to meet and opportunities to get work experience, advice, internships and jobs.

Over the next couple of weeks, you will receive an email (via your school email address) with information including a Data Protection Consent Form. Please complete and sign this form electronically at your earliest convenience in order to receive future communications from the OS Club and Sedbergh School Foundation.

Providing us with your contact information will enable us to contact you with relevant communications after you leave Sedbergh. It will also enable us to keep your data on the School database which is also used by Sedbergh School Developments Ltd, and Sedbergh School Foundation so that you do not miss out on any of the many opportunities that we can provide.

Your personal data will be held by the School and we will comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. It is very important that you update us of any changes of contact details by emailing or

Social Media Groups


There are two groups that you should consider joining both called “Sedbergh School, England” on Facebook and LinkedIn. These groups will link you to thousands of OS throughout the world.

Privacy Statement

Your privacy and the security of all information that you give to us are of vital importance to Sedbergh School.

Your personal information will be held on the Sedbergh School database in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Security measures to protect your personal information and privacy are in place and will be used for Alumni and Development purposes. The only people who will see your data are the School administrators, Old Sedberghian Club staff, The Foundation Office staff or Alumni Relations personnel and/or agents contracted by them.

Alumni data may be shared with academic, administrative and support departments at Sedbergh to promote close links between the School and its former students, staff and parents. Additionally contact details may be provided to Alumni Year Representatives (who are themselves Sedbergh alumni and/or Committee Members of the OS Club), who will have signed a data protection agreement.