Elizabeth Sladden (L 15-19) and her family have shot to social media fame after recording their own very unique and moving cover version of a Take That classic during lockdown, paying tribute to heroic NHS teams and key workers.

The Sladden family have clocked up more than 50,000 views of their performance of Take That’s Shine on Facebook, tailoring the lyrics to reflect important key messages about staying at home to protect our NHS and save lives.

Elizabeth’s mother, Ruth Sladden, a Lay Clerk at Ripon Cathedral and professional singer in the Cathedral Choir, and her husband Dan, Minor Canon Succentor, have been overwhelmed by the response to their family video, recorded with their five children who all have firm choral upbringings in Ripon.

Ruth said the whole family feels enormously passionate about showing support in any way they can at this extremely difficult time for all. She said: “As our lyric change says – doctors, nurses, key workers, you all are heroes to me.

“They are so brave and committed and are risking their lives to save others. It’s beyond admirable. It’s the same with all the key workers and anyone who isn’t able to stay at home because their job is key to the wellbeing of the country, for people to stay safe and fed – nursing home staff, care givers, posties, delivery personnel, supermarket staff, farmers, and more, the list is enormous – we cannot praise them enough.

“The song came about because I am a huge Take That fan, for which I make no apology. We are incredibly lucky as a family of seven to be quarantined together, as we make up a whole choir.”

Ruth said while the coronavirus outbreak is a worrying time for everybody, there are still moments of joy to be found in the wonderful community spirit being shown across the district, and she hopes that her family’s video will also help to lift spirits.

She said: “We really hope it will continue to make people smile and maybe sing along. Singing is so good for the soul.

While we hope it brings some joy, we really wanted to thank the NHS and all other key workers.

“We just think they are incredible, so we wanted another way to show our appreciation and also to remind those people who can stay home, to stay home. I would say to look out for the positives, share joyous posts, be kind in your comments, and don’t scaremonger – we’re all worried enough as it is. There is so much to celebrate in the heroism of our NHS and key workers.”

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