Yorkshire author William Kinread (L 74-79) is set to launch his upcoming sequel to the legal thriller Luger on March 10th. William puts his home county back firmly on the map in his second novel, Escapement, where the Berlin Wall has fallen and lawyer Ian Sutherland finds himself once again fighting for justice and survival as he chases clues to a mystery that takes him across Europe.

In Rome, he uncovers a secret that the Vatican is desperate to hide, one that will shock the world and the secret services will stop at nothing to get their hands on. With our hero firmly in the firing line, he is in more danger than ever before. Back home in North Yorkshire, enemies draw closer as power struggles and legal battles threaten to derail Ian’s position at his Harrogate law firm.

William’s masterful plot unfolds in a series of cleverly constructed layers, each one irresistibly complex and undeniably compelling. The mark of a good thriller is the simmering intrigue and suspense that remains until the very end. On that score, Escapement does not disappoint.

The lines between the novel’s main character and its author are deliciously blurred as William draws on his own his real-life experiences – and those of friends and contacts. “There are events in the story that really did happen,” he explains. “Names may have changed, as well as some of the places, but they are true nonetheless and a wonderful source of inspiration for both characters and plot.”

“I am delighted with the book, which took me the best part of a year to complete, writing in the evenings after work and over weekends. Travel was virtually impossible due to Covid restrictions, but I was able to spend a great deal of time researching historical documents, which led to my discovery of the shocking way in which the Vatican played a key role in enabling some prominent Nazis to escape Germany and justice after the Second World War.”

“Writing a sequel was a different experience. It offered me a brilliant opportunity to develop Ian’s character and explore the changing relationship between him and his girlfriend, Sophie. The sequel flows on from Luger in terms of key people and places, while delivering a stand-alone read for those who are meeting Ian Sutherland for the very first time.”

William was born and raised in Ripon, where he still lives today with his wife, son and dog. He was educated at Sedbergh School, an independent boarding school sitting between the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. During his last year there, he won a national writing competition, whereupon he was invited to attend the illustrious Savile Club, in London’s Mayfair. A top book publisher said that, although he had “an obvious talent for writing”, William needed “more experience of life”. Thirty-six years later – and with a highly successful career in the legal world – he certainly has that.

Escapement is published by Fisher King Publishing at £10.29 and available from Amazon. Publication date: 10 March, but available for pre-order.

Q&A with author William Kinread on his second novel, Escapement (Publication date: 10 March)

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Q: In your first book, Luger, you say that events were inspired by your own real-life experiences. Is this the same with Escapement?

Yes, it is, although Escapement is less driven by fact than fiction. There are many real people, places and scenarios that were a huge source of inspiration for me, but most of them happened at different times and in different circumstances.

Q: How much research did you put into the book? It must have been more challenging because of Covid. Were you shocked with what you found out about the Nazis/Vatican/British government?

The opportunity to travel was limited because of Covid, but I spent a great deal of time researching historical documents, which led to the truly shocking discovery of the Vatican’s involvement in many Nazis escaping justice, as well as the way in which the church formed an integral link in the rat runs used by fugitives. It was also staggering to find the existence of the Rimini List, which includes the names of POWs who emigrated to Britain and Canada. Many of them had served in the Galacian SS and had rather murky pasts.

Q: Is it more difficult to write a sequel? What are the challenges?

The way in which I wrote the two books was completely different, so it is difficult to compare. Luger was submitted to the publisher one chapter at a time, whereas I wrote the whole of Escapement before submitting the manuscript. I would, however, say that Escapement is more complex in terms of plot and sub-plots, and there were definite challenges in marrying the fact, all the legal content, with the fiction – the Stasi and MI6, for example.

Q: A career as a solicitor must surely give you plenty of content regarding the inner workings of a legal firm, which you have incorporated into the book. Is that the case?

The legal scenarios are based on real events and the characters on real people, but they were not all encountered at one firm.

Q: How difficult is it for you to understand the inner workings of the female psyche for your range of female characters?

Although I went to an all-boys school, I grew up with four sisters and my mother was a strong and independent woman. I have never found it difficult to relate to women and am blessed with many female friends.

Q: Are intimate scenes difficult to write?

I feel it is incredibly important that they are credible and well-written. I want the reader to get lost in the moment, to appreciate them without the need for salacious scenes complete with vulgar language and ugly descriptions. There are four love scenes in the two books and you will have to make your own minds up as to whether they are based on fact or fiction!

Q: How difficult is it to juggle your regular job with writing?

As a solicitor in a private practice, it would have been impossible because even when not working, I was always thinking about work. Now that I work for the family business, I can spend evenings and weekends writing.

Q: Is Ian Sutherland your alter ego, a more adventurous version of William Kinread? You share the same love of running, the countryside, London, bespoke suits and shoes, fine dining, have the same profession and own a dog…

Yes, Ian Sutherland is based on me. However, I wouldn’t say that he is more adventurous. We both have a strong sense of justice and will do everything we can to see fair play regardless of any personal consequences.