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If you are interested in attending any of these events please contact Ben Collins at bpc@sedberghschool.org



Thursday 28th March – OS Social (London)

Tuesday 26th March – Wilson Run Lunch

Monday 25th March – Wilson Run Dinner

Friday 15th March – 1955-65 OS Reunion Lunch (London)

Saturday 26th January – Morgan Run

Wednesday 23rd January – OS/Anti-Assassins vs. Cambridge Match, Grange Road



Saturday 15th December – OS Cross Country Dinner/Race (Wimbledon Common)

Wednesday 5th December – Sedbergh vs. Millfield Drinks Reception

Tuesday 13th November – Hong Kong Drinks Reception

Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th November – OS Weekend

Saturday 10th November – OS President’s Lunch

Thursday 18th – Sunday 21st October – OS Final Pilgrimage (Mons and Ypres) 

Sunday 21st October – OS Hockey Reunion Tournament/Dinner

Saturday 13th October – OS Rugby Reunion Dinner

Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd September – OS Sports Weekend

Monday 16th – Thursday 19th July – OS Shooting Dinner/Bisley Tournament

May – OS vs. School Golf Day/Dinner

Friday 27th April – 1980’s OS Reunion Lunch (London)

Friday 20th April – Careers Fair

Wednesday 18th March – Hong Kong Social 

Wednesday 4th- Thursday 5th April – Hong Kong Rugby 10s Tournament

Wednesday 21st March – OS Social (London)

Tuesday 20th March – Wilson Run Lunch

Monday 19th March – Wilson Run Dinner

Saturday 17th March – Newcastle University OS Reunion

Monday 19th March – Brook Dowse Memorial Lunch

Thursday 15 March – OS Careers Seminars

Saturday 27th January – Morgan Run



Saturday 16th December – OS Alumni Cross Country Race in London (Wimbledon Common)

Friday 17th November – OS London Dinner (House of Commons)

Sunday 12th November – Remembrance Sunday Service

Sunday 22nd October – Dean Close Alumni Hockey Tournament

Tuesday 19th September – OS Golf Day

Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th September – OS Pilgrimage (Ypres and Arras)

Saturday 29th April – SSFC Dinner