Picture of lads at Twickers

Chums of Sedbergh!

This month, and after an interlude of thirty five years, I had a reunion with three old friends from Sedbergh; and where else, but Twickenham. Stephen Whitehead, Guy Adams, Colin James, and myself did our best to cheer England along to a victory over France while draining the Twickenham bars of their liquid reserves.

This was all well and good but the real story here is that after thirty five years, during which each of us have led quite separate lives and which each in their own way have been buffeted by the winds of destiny, it was as if we had only said goodbye to each other the day before. No sooner had we met than the jokes, the banter, and the stories started . The old laughter, which had been such a part of our friendship in our youth, returned in wave after wave, continuing well into the night, and the more civilised breakfast the next morning.

I have always said that the bonds formed at Sedbergh stand the test of time. As I become older I feel I am more qualified to make this statement. It is most certainly true, and it is an invaluable legacy that has been bestowed upon us by our time at Sedbergh, brief now though it seems as I look back through the many years and many other life experiences I have had along the way.

So thank you to my companions on the day. It was a privilege to be there.

Cheers all

Jan van der Velde
Chairman, OS Club