Fergus MacMillan (SH 12-17) Launches New Beverage Company

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During lockdown last year, Fergus MacMillan (SH 12-17), along with two other friends; Alex and Sam, launched a new beverage company called Box of Booze, with the aim of reducing the hassle of cocktail mixing for people to spend more time enjoying them. With free delivery straight to your door, Box of Booze offer pre-mixed cocktails for a variety of special occasions ranging from birthday parties to corporate events. The company has bar staff in Central London and Jesmond, Newcastle, and sells 3-litre, vegan-friendly, allergen-free recipes in bag-in-boxes – perfect for sharing with friends.

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Box of Booze – A ready-to-drink cocktail perfect for parties

As mentioned above, Box of Booze was founded during lockdown and launched online in September 2021 selling direct to customers. Currently they sell ‘Mojito’ and ‘Sex on the Beach’ cocktails at £29.99, which come in a 3-litre bag-in-box. Each box has 20 servings of a delicious 6.5% cocktail, at a not-so-London price of £1.49 per serving.

Box of Booze was designed for sharing and socialising, and where better to do this than in large groups of family, friends and colleagues.

To learn more, please feel free to check out their website www.boxofbooze.uk

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