Free Will

Free Wills Month, in association with Squiggle Consult (

For many Sedberghians the reassurance of having financial affairs in order can be a great comfort. To mark Free Wills Month in October the Foundation is delighted to launch a new partnership with dedicated will writing service Squiggle. Jan van der Velde, Director of Alumni Development has worked with Squiggle Estate Planning Consultant, Maria Greenwood, for 25 years and highly recommends her work.

Through the partnership with Sedbergh School Foundation, Squiggle will offer both a free dedicated will writing service, and access to their wider paid-for estate planning services. There is no obligation to take up additional services or leave a legacy to Sedbergh School. The will writing service can be delivered over the telephone and via video calls. Alternatively, face-to-face appointments can be arranged for members of the Sedbergh community in the south-east of England. Squiggle will guide clients through the process of writing a will, cutting through the legal jargon and making it a straightforward process. Squiggle are also happy to review existing wills for free to ensure that they are up to date with the needs of each client. All wills created through this scheme are logged with the ‘National Wills Register’ meaning that the wills are transparent and accessible when the time comes. Sedberghians using this service will receive a copy of the will for their own records.

Some Sedberghians chose to remember Sedbergh School in their will and may choose to join the 1525 Society which recognises commitments to leave a legacy to the school. The main priority of fundraising at present is to create opportunities for Roger Lupton Scholarships. Children of exceptional talent who do not have access to the financial resources to make a Sedbergh education accessible are offered 100% scholarships to attend the school. These life changing opportunities are only possible due to the generosity of donors in the Sedbergh community. One of our recent Roger Lupton Scholars reflected this month on his time at school:

If I had not had the opportunity to come to Sedbergh I may be in a completely different place. Sedbergh has given me an advantage of high-level training environments for my sporting endeavour. Despite being a keen academic my concentration in this area wasn’t always consistent, and so the structured, fast paced school terms created an environment where I thrived. The school’s culture is embedded into Sedberghians and people respect this.

Recent decades have seen the benefit of these legacies compounded as past scholars have chosen to ‘give back’ in later life, creating opportunities for young people to benefit as they themselves did. This perpetual giving generates valuable continuity in our efforts to provide life changing opportunities to more young people and means that your legacy will continue to give benefit to the young for generations to come.

If you’d like to learn more about the free will writing service, please contact Maria Greenwood of Squiggle,, 01732 92740.

If you’d like to discuss becoming a member of the 1525 Society, or to learn more about it, please contact Jan van der Velde, 07714 677007.