Young entrepreneur and ambitious foodie, George Thwaytes (E 09-14), recently launched his new and innovative app, Gourmet2Go- an exclusive food delivery platform connecting customers with the best local restaurants, gastro pubs and food boxes across the UK as well as showcasing the UK’s best local deli produce and high-cuisine establishments. The app was launched back in March with plans next for Newcastle, before gradually expanding to the rest of the UK. With an easy-to-use app, strict vetting before sign-up, and most importantly, fair service to support quality establishments, the app has huge potential to be the first app to have the best fresh produce from around the UK available to anyone, while also offering a pre-ordering system of up to seven days.

George says, “We set up Gourmet2Go to give restaurants of high quality a chance to showcase their food an on app that only has top quality food. For example, our market research showed there is amazing food on offer on other apps, but they are alongside other options which aren’t of the same calibre.”


George reveals he looked at the “immense growth” in the takeaway market and industry. Between 2020-21, online food ordering revenue is forecast to increase by 42.3%, reaching almost £2.3bn, according to research from Ibis World. George adds: “Obviously the pandemic hit and it really took off. So whilst the idea came from me being a big “foodie”, it also came from doing my business and finance course and looking at the industries that have been hardest hit by the pandemic.” 


“We have launched successfully in Cumbria and tested the platform in London and found that now restaurants are open they need it to be smoother and easier to use with functions which we do not yet have.”

“We are looking as as a business to use the current app with some developmental changes to showcase some of the best produce that the UK has to offer on one platform. We have had a lot of interest and we intend to raise some funds to allow us to make changes and connect our app with DPD so that all boxes can be delivered smoothly.”

“We will take the best of local deli counter dishes, fish, meat, “finish at home” boxes and much more and allow users around the UK find anything they want on one app, just browse, click, pay and expect delivery within 48 hours.”


Gourmet2Go customers can browse through the different cuisines on offer in their area – in this instance, however high-level vetting is undertaken by the platform in a bid to narrow its offering to the high-cuisine establishments that are local.  

“We are also looking to expand our network of restaurants by offering them the chance to join our new app which is currently being built, this app will include a ‘drivers app, managers app, admin panel and customer app’.”

The managers will be able to send out orders to drivers in locations nearby just like the other current apps out there but with one major difference – “our aim is to ‘maintain the quality of the food, making sure its the same as when it was when it left the restaurant’. By allowing drivers to pre-book slots they want to work, this also means they can work more than one job and know when they will get orders. We are not looking to take on the giants, instead, we are open to offering smaller, more unique independent venues with high quality food a chance to be on a new, unique, fresh, easy to use platform at 1/2 the price of the others.”

George is hoping to raise around £50,000 to make their expansion happen and would be interested in hearing from you if your interested in either joining our team OR investing for a % of our company.

“The UK have been lucky over the last 10 years to have everything they want delivered to their door, however, the majority of these apps include every type of food outlet and its time to give independents and those of a high calibre a chance to have their own app.
The money raised would help us build our platform and push it into the key areas we want to launch, mainly Newcastle, Lancaster, Edinburgh and Manchester within the next 2 months.”

We will be offering restaurants the opportunity to join our app for 10% plus VAT without drivers or 20 % plus VAT with drivers. Our restaurants will have access to their own admin panel, managers ordering app and will be able to change and edit their menus whenever they feel necessary. We will be on hand with any issues 24 hours a day.

George adds, “If you’re interested in hearing more, we would be happy to send a PNL and business pitch deck to you! We are very excited that not only will we be the first gourmet app in the UK but we will also be the very first app to have the best fresh produce from around the UK available to anyone.”


If you are able to offer any financial support to George for this exciting project, he can be contacted at