Georgina Boyd-Moss (L 13-18) To Run London Marathon For Conservation Charity

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Georgia Boyd-Moss (L 13-18) has won a charity a place in this year’s London Marathon on 26th April and will be running for her chosen charity, conservation group Tusk Trust. Georgina says, “It is something I have always wanted to do and it’s a great honour to be running for [Trust Tusk], which has for almost 30 years supported pioneering projects in more than 20 countries, and increased security for over 10 million acres of land for more than 40 different threatened species.”

In 2018, Tusk Trust injected a record £8 million into a whole range of conservation projects.

Even the most iconic of all the African species, the lion, is now officially classified as ‘vulnerable’ as their numbers have plummeted by over 40% due to loss of habitat and human conflict.

“I’d be so grateful for any donation and the money I can raise by running in the London Marathon will go towards these vital projects to look after and nurture our natural world,” Georgina says.

To help Georgina reach her fundraising target, please click here.