Hamish Clark (P 14-18) Launches CrowdCoach App

Hamish Clark, an alumni of Sedbergh and current student at the University of Oxford Brookes, has founded a revolutionary new business set to shake up the sports industry. Along with a team in Australia and Asia, Hamish has launched CrowdCoach – a mobile app designed to better involve fans around the world in the English sports they love so much. 

Hamish discovered that most fans his age agree sports teams can do a much better job at involving fans in teams’ decisions and the game itself. The solution they have designed is the CrowdCoach app, which gives fans a direct vote on things they care about – such as team selection, player transfers and in-game decisions. CrowdCoach gives fans the opportunity to have their say. 

CrowdCoach is a true win-win situation. Fans just want to be listened to and they genuinely want to help their team – and CrowdCoach gives them that without the furore of social media backlash. For clubs, it strengthens the bond with their fans and creates innovative fan recruitment and revenue raising opportunities. Hamish said the holy grail is to get smart clubs on board, posting real world suggestions so they truly involve their fans, while getting to see exactly what their fans think before, during and after a game.  

So where are they up to?  

The prototype for European football is ready for user testing and supporters’ associations representing tens of thousands of fans are ready and eager to help. CrowdCoach is however a big idea. A big idea with the potential to completely revolutionise the way over 3 billion fans worldwide are involved in their favourite sport.

To reach its full potential, Hamish and his team will need help. They need contacts in forward thinking sports clubs, competitions and supporters’ associations in the football and rugby world. Additionally, they are ready for sports tech investors who are willing and able to help grow the business to scale and expand to rubgy and cricket.

It is clear that interactive involvement of fans in sport is coming and CrowdCoach intends to be there on the ground floor. If you can help, or are interested in being involve, please contact Hamish at hamish@crowdcoach.com.au or hamishclark2000@gmail.com.

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www.crowdcoach.uk | www.crowdcoach.com.au

Insta: @Crowd.Coach

Facebook: @CrowdCoach International 

Youtube video demonstrationhttps://youtu.be/Jsmb8HsO5T4.

TikTok: @crowdcoach

For an opportunity to test the BETA build of the App please contact Hamish – hamishclark2000@gmail.com  or  jason@crowdcoach.com.au