The Development Office was delighted to welcome Trevor and Janet Kidd to Sedbergh School. Trevor and Janet had come to Sedbergh in honour of Heather Hardy, and her father John Bannister Buckle (H 1913-1917).

Heather passed away in 2020 but was a great supporter of the School. In 2012, Heather visited Sedbergh in celebration of her father and to take part in the unveiling of his plaque and the planting of a tree in the Avenue of Remembrance.


John Buckle’s family were in the textiles trade and owned a firm of finishers and dyers, called Buckle Crossley and Co Ltd. Trevor and Janet, close friends of Heather’s for many years, were able to give us some insight into John Buckle.

John had an entrepreneurial mind and travelled the world in search of the latest processing techniques and machinery. As such, when world trade opened up after World War II, John was in a position to expand his business when so many others in the UK textiles industry found themselves unable to compete.

As for Heather, she greatly valued Sedbergh and when she passed in 2020 she left a very significant sum to the School for the future education of others. It is important that we remember her, this quietly determined, graceful lady, for what she has done in helping the School, and indeed the individual lives that benefit from it. We are thankful to Trevor and Janet for giving their insight as to how we might do this.

Before they left, and in thanks for all they did in supporting Heather over the years, Trevor and Janet were made Friends of Sedbergh School. Thank you to you both. You will always be welcome back at Sedbergh.

Jan van der Velde

Development Director