Determination, strength and commitment are the three qualities Fraser Precious believes has majorly shaped his life. Having lived and worked in 4 countries by the age of 28, Fraser is adamant that without those key ingredients he would not be standing where he is today succeeding as an actor and producer in Los Angeles.

Originally from Cambridge and having spent 7 years at Sedbergh School, Fraser has recently produced and starred in the short film ‘To Feel Human’ that has just screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival where it received overwhelming feedback. As well as Cannes, ‘To Feel Human’ also premiered at the Nice International Film Festival where it was nominated for several awards. The film has also been accepted into 3 other major film festivals around the world. This achievement by Fraser is all the more special due to the fact that he created, wrote, produced, shot the film and edited it with film partner Junpei Suzuki in the space of 2 weeks in Los Angeles.

Growing up as a musician Fraser was always excited and inspired by every opportunity he had to perform, a desire that continuously pumps through his veins. It is now 10 years since Fraser first tested his acting chops while living in Sydney on the TV show ‘Home and Away’. Since moving to Los Angeles 2 years ago, Fraser has been highly sought after as an actor and is now producing and creating his own content, characters and stories that are making waves in the biggest film festivals all over the world.

“I feel incredibly blessed to be able to act and perform in Los Angeles, a city I have dreamt of working in for many years.”

“With our film ‘To Feel Human’ it all happened so fast and just goes to show what you can achieve when you put your mind to something and believe in your capabilities. We constantly pushed boundaries, whether it be with budget, locations, acting or just what was physically possible to achieve in such a short space of time. I don’t believe in waiting around for something to happen. Just get out there and do it.”

“I wanted to create a story that inspired people to be better humans and appreciate the privileges we have on this planet, which some take for granted. The whole idea of realizing what it means to be human, the emotions we experience and our relationships with others. We wanted the story to be told and viewed in a more physical and less dialogue driven way. We couldn’t be happier with the result”.

Fraser is now excited to continue the hard work with his upcoming projects. He is now working for an LA film studio called TXG Studios who have just green lit a TV show he is the creative inspiration behind called ‘Jet Loungin’. Fraser also has the lead role in the show, which he developed and created with partner Josh Levine and will begin filming the pilot over the summer. The show is about the adventures of two long lost cousins navigating Hollywood with the most futuristic entertainment vehicle ever made…the Jet Lounge X. The Jet Lounge X is the revolutionary invention of TXG Studios owner and founder Devin Foxx. Currently signed on to the project are Patrick Gallagher (Night at the Museum, Glee, True Blood) and Torrei Hart (Parental Discretion, American Bad boy, Atlanta Exes). Following the filming of Jet Loungin, Fraser also has a lead role in an upcoming feature film called ‘Director’.  Fraser will then tackle his own feature film he has written and developed based on his previous life as a professional trumpet player. A project he refers to as his ‘masterpiece’.

It is with no doubt that Fraser is leading an exciting career in Hollywood but is thankful for his incredible journey that has led him to this point and the roots of Cumbria and most notably Sedbergh School that has led him to this point. Fraser was honored to have spent 7 years at the prestigious Sedbergh School on a music scholarship and was Principal Trumpet at the Westmorland Youth Orchestra.

“I will forever feel blessed and honored to have spent 7 wonderful years at Sedbergh School, living in the glorious fells of Cumbria. Without the incredible all round education and life experience I received at Sedbergh, I would definitely not be the man I am today, with the courage to follow my dreams to Los Angeles”

Fraser was the youngest person to win a music scholarship to Sedbergh at the age of 11 and went on to excel on the trumpet through his Sedbergh career. Achieving grade 8 on both trumpet and piano at 13, Fraser then achieved the ATCL diploma in music at 14 and LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College London) diploma at 16. Fraser was also principal trumpet of the CCF Band and principal trumpet of the school’s orchestra and Jazz Band.

After graduating from Sedbergh in 2006 Fraser then moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue music and acting.  Following 5 years in Sydney, having achieved a degree in music from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and forged an acting career for himself he then moved to Stockholm, Sweden to focus on acting and producing his own projects. Fraser enjoyed a successful 3 years in Stockholm before moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2014 where he graduated from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles for acting and is now presently producing and acting in many exciting projects. As Fraser’s ambition and motivation continue to grow he hopes that in doing so will inspire many others to also follow their dreams and never give up.