Honorary Membership


One of the more pleasant aspects of being an Officer of the Club is that we are empowered by the Club Committee to award honorary membership of the Club to those who, in one way or another have made an outstanding contribution to our community, but who are not otherwise eligible for membership because they didn’t attend the School either as a pupil or as a member of staff.

During the pandemic we have had a number of nominations which have been duly assessed and on the basis of which we now award honorary membership. Normally, such awards would be made at one of our gatherings, particularly OS weekend, but given that such events have been repeatedly cancelled we have decided to publicise these awards now. It is therefore with great pleasure that we award honorary membership of the Club to the following:

· Anne Fleck, who has supported Andrew, the School, and the Club, during Andrew’s outstanding tenure as Headmaster and Principal.

· Faith Guthrie, wife of John Guthrie, OBE (H 50-54), who together have been most generous benefactors of the School, and for her long-standing support of the Club.

· Jan Adams, wife of Michael Adams (W 46-50), who together have been lifetime supporters of the School, and her long-standing support of the Club.

· Hilary Berry, wife of Norman Berry (SH 57-62), who together have been lifetime supporters of the School and the Club, and for her tremendous assistance in the preparation and publication of ‘The Wilson Run, A Race in Three Centuries’.

· Lady Joyce Singleton-Booth, wife of Prof. Sir Christopher Booth (P 37-42), for her continued support of the School and her generous contributions to the Foundation.

· Carolyn Duckworth, wife of His Hon. Judge Brian Duckworth (L 48-52), former OS Club President from 1996-1999, who together have been lifelong supporters of the school.

On behalf of the Club may I thank each and every one of you for all you have done in supporting the various institutions that make up the Sedbergh community. It is very much appreciated and the honorary membership we now bestow upon you is but a small token by which we recognise the importance of your unending support.

Jan van der Velde

OS Club