Letter Wall


In a former life when both the world and I were younger, the Landlord of the land upon which our factory was built, very sadly lost his wife of 60 years. I wrote to him, as I would do, to offer my condolences.

It was some months later, when on a visit to the factory in the North of Norfolk, that this dear man, who spoke quietly and couldn’t walk so well in his advancing years, came up to me and wanted a word. He spoke with much sincerity and told me that when his wife had passed away, he had received 200 cards of condolence and one handwritten letter. He said my letter meant more than all the other cards put together.

This is the power of handwritten letters. They have their place in society. They are considered pieces of prose, sometimes works of art, always appreciated, and often kept. We, at the Club and Foundation, value them, both when we send them, and when we receive them.

So much so, that we have created a Letter Writing Wall where all the handwritten envelopes are displayed.

Please therefore write to us at the OS Club or Foundation, the address being:

The Development Office

Sedbergh School

5 Station Road



LA10 5BY

If you do write, we promise to reply!

Jan van der Velde

Director of alumni Development