Earlier this term Ben Collins and I were invited down to London to interview Lord James Lupton as part of our ‘Careers’ series.

Lord James Lupton is one of Sedbergh’s eminent business leaders. James has had a stellar career in investment banking, having become Deputy Chairman of Baring Brothers by the age of thirty. He then established Greenhill Europe, at first setting up in an office with just a phone and a desk. The company, some years later, was sold on the Stock Exchange.

James was later to become Treasurer of the Conservative Party, as well as holding a number of other high profile positions, including being a member of the Board of the British Museum.

James was most hospitable on our arrival. His views on working life were interesting and refreshing. Work hard, (there is no other way to success), put yourself in the way of luck, find a career that inspires you, and learn from your mistakes, don’t be shackled by them.

You can see the full interview here: HERE.

Thank you, James, for your time, and for your candour, and most of all, for your hospitality. Your words will, I hope, inspire the next generation in their ambitions, such that they adopt an adventurous spirit such as yours, and not be afraid to fail but to be empowered by the same.