Dear Friends, Chums, Siblings of Sedbergh, I trust the world is treating you well.

I am sometimes asked what the Club subscriptions are used for and what you as members receive in return. There are many initiatives which are all part of our drive to be the best alumni association of any school in the country. As part of this we are making great strides in supporting the careers of our new alumni as they leave the school. The Club now has online facilities which presents their CV’s to large corporates. In this we are one of the first school alumni associations to do so. We arrange for OSs to talk and give advice to those about to leave the School. We arrange open days for those OS in different professions to explain about their work. We will be spending several hours a week in the sixth form centre giving advice from June. We are continuing to develop this aspect of our work and we believe it to be invaluable. In all this we have our Club Secretary Ben Collins to thank for his tireless endeavours.

Yes, we are arranging an ever increasing number of social events, ones which are relevant and varied; we have the Pilgrimage, another first for any institution as far as we are aware; we have our sporting fixtures; we support the School; and we look to the future by helping those about to begin their professional careers just as we were helped in our day.

These are just some of the things your subscriptions go towards.

Cheers All,


Jan van der Velde
Chairman, OS Club