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In September of last year I had the honour of being invited to be the President of The Old Sedberghian Club.

It was at OS Weekend that I had the delight of returning once again to the School and witnessing at first-hand the vibrancy of day-to-day School life. At that time I could not, in my wildest imagination, have anticipated what was to happen in March of this year with the closure of the School and all the pupils sent home until further notice!

Covid-19 has, as we all know, changed the lives of everyone. This is unprecedented in recent history. As a consequence this has brought, and continues to bring, enormous hardship throughout the UK, most of it financial.

Not only has the local community of Sedbergh, which relies heavily upon the School for its livelihood, suffered ravaging financial losses, but so too has the vast majority of parents with children at Sedbergh. We all know just how expensive private education is today. Thus with the huge number of businesses closed down, affecting employers and employees alike, the affect has been financially devastating for them all, including Sedbergh’s parents.

It is, therefore, with great delight to learn that the Sedbergh School Foundation has now set up The Hardship Fund to help alleviate some of the financial hardship that a number of people associated with the School are facing.

We, the Old Sedberghian Club, are fully supportive of this enterprising initiative, and I would like to thank sincerely all those who have already made a contribution to the Fund. I know it has been enormously appreciated. It would be hugely welcomed if any other Old Sedberghians felt able to support this positive venture, which has already raised over £50,000, by making a contribution towards the Fund.

Details of the Fund are on the Sedbergh School website. In the meantime I sincerely hope that you are all managing to stay safe and well. My very best wishes to you all.

Brigadier David Biggart, OBE (P 59-65)
OS Club President