The new OS platform was officially launched at the end of July and in the last 2 months we have seen 620 OSs sign up to the platform, which is excellent to see. The platform performs a number of functionalities to help provide OSs with information and support. It provides recent OS news, informs OSs of upcoming events, provides a forum, allows OSs to support one another with careers advice and it enables OSs to reconnect with peers by the directory. OSs are also able to share interesting photos of their time at Sedbergh and can also post job adverts on the site.

Statistically we have seen some fantastic metrics from the platform over the last 8 weeks. 51 OSs are currently networking and 14 have made business connections. We have had 122 OSs willing to offer internships to younger OSs, 350 OSs willing to mentor, 403 willing to answer industry questions and 221 willing to open their doors at their workplace. There have been over 100 individual messages sent between OSs and there have been 194 updates. There has also been a high volume of OSs using the platform to obtain news and share information.

Thank you to all those OSs who have signed up to the Platform, it is greatly appreciated. If you have not had the chance to log in and experience the platform please do so via the link here –

I look forward to seeing you on there soon.

Best wishes,

Benjamin Collins
Alumni Director