I write to you in order to highlight Road Safety during the Wilson Run for both runners and spectators. We have had issues in the past where the build-up of cars at Ten Mile Lane, Cautley and Danny Bridge have caused near misses and therefore possible harm to both participants and spectators.

We are therefore asking people to choose one of the following spectator options as advised by the Police:

  1. Start and Finish.
  2. Cautley then Finish.
  3. Start and Danny Bridge.
  4. Alternatively there are some excellent options on the fell at Spectators Hill, or Green Hill then to the finish (all on foot).
  5. If you want to watch at Ten Mile Lane you must go on foot – it will be coned off and there is no parking here.
  6. If you are watching at Danny Bridge you will not be able to get to the finish.  We have to put the Runners’ safety first, and this stretch of road is very dangerous.
  7. There will be a number of minibuses at Ten Mile Lane to pick up spectators who have walked there, to take them to Cautley and then back to the finish.

Please do not try to visit all of the points as participant safety and your safety is our top priority.  The whole future of the Race depends upon our relationship with local farmers and townspeople.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Dan Harrison

Second Master

Wilson Run Start Time: 2:30pm


There will be lunch provided in Queen’s Hall from 12-2pm at a cost of £5 per person. Queen’s Hall bar will also be open for tea, coffee and sandwiches from 4-6.30pm.

There will also tea, coffee and light refreshments served in Queen’s Hall after the Race at 4pm.

If you require any further information please contact Benjamin Collins at

Wilson Run Map

Wilson Run Information Leaflet