The OSRC met as usual on Ashburton Day in July to be welcomed by the sight of the Sedbergh places on the Ashburton and Cadet Pair and Four competitions on the leader board for which we offer our heartiest congratulations.

The start of the competition remained as tense as ever, not because of the complexity of the conditions or even the strength of the opposition but rather more the uncertain arrival of some key team members from the delights of the afternoon traffic on the London motorways. We ended with sufficient firers to make up two strong teams and enough space on the third team for others to have a shoot. As ever the team selection proved difficult with a high scores in both teams but unfortunately not all the high scores in the A team. In the end the A team were placed 16th with 244 and 29v bulls against a strong field with some teams only dropping one or two points. The winners Uppingham scored 150.38 out of a possible 150.50 thus only losing 12 shot s out of the central bull.

The B team fared a little better in their competition coming 6th with 243.27 only a point behind the A team but facing an Old Epsomian team with 250.38 which would have tied with the winners of the A team competition. Our congratulations go to John Warburton for winning the cup for the highest score with an outstanding 50.9 narrowly beating Lauren Crowson on 50.8. Of the rest of us mention must go to Bob Davies who had not shot for 30 years and still managed a creditable 49.6 in completely borrowed kit and no adjustments to sling and handstop.

We headed for dinner in the Army Target Shooting Club and had the pleasure of being joined by the School team as well as Andrew and Ann Fleck. Previous triumphs and tales were recounted by the old boys and we enjoyed an outstanding speech from the captain of the School V111 Katherine Fleck.

It is worth mentioning some of the successes in the NRA Imperial Meeting. These included Guy Trembath who won the Conan Doyle competition at 900 yards with a highest possible 50.10. John Warburton was as consistent as ever and shot for a winning England team in the Mackinnon and with some excellent high scores in the first stage of the St Georges and the Second Stage of the Queen’s Prize. Lauren Crowson had an outstanding meeting, representing England in the National Match and winning the first stage of the HM the Queen’s prize with a magnificent 105.17 achieved over 3 ranges. Lauren finished 23rd in the Grand Aggregate and 44th in the Queen’s Final. As a young shot Lauren is an excellent role model for the School Team and has devoted a significant amount of her time during the year, helping with coaching both in the north and at Bisley.

We welcome 5 new members from the School to the OSCRC and we are looking forward to helping them to continue their shooting beyond school.  OSs will be alerted to training events where the School Team would benefit from our support and we will investigate the possibility of some OS shooting in the North. We will meet again on Ashburton Day on Thursday 13 July 2017 and I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.


Pictured: Back row left to right. Rory Fagan, Robin Morton, Mark Wrigley, Mike Bromley, Toby Lehmann, John Warburton, Will Squires, Tom Rowntree. Front Row: Charlie Anyon, Emma Bryant, Bob Davies