Hockey Team


Once again, at the end of September, the members of our Northern Tribe returned to their roots in the shadow of the Howgill hills.

This year we celebrated the life of Michael Raw, former history master and director of rugby, who had an enormous influence upon the School, its staff, and pupils. It was not surprising therefore, that the memorial service was well attended, and by people from all walks of life, including many former staff and those he taught. It was a very moving service, with a great number of reflections and anecdotes about this larger than life individual. There is a full recording of the service which will be released soon.

In Michael’s final years he was charged with writing the History of Sedbergh School in preparation for the quincentenary. It was a fitting legacy to this man’s life achievements that we were able to launch the book on presale at the OS dinner.

The annual OS Dinner is always a grand affair. Held in Powell Hall, we met up with old friends and new under the watchful gaze of the Old Headmasters hanging above us on the walls. This year the evening was brought to life by the singing of Kate Telfer (L 03-08), who mixed songs with drama in memory of Michael. He would have been sorry to have missed it because it was a very fine performance indeed and had many asking if she was a famous singer. I cannot answer for her fame, but she is undoubtedly talented. Thank you, Kate, for coming all the way from London to sing for us.

Duncan Berry, who officially took over from me as Chair of the OS Club, spoke well and delivered his words of wisdom with great charisma and charm. Thank you, Duncan, for your kind words. The last 14 years have gone by quickly. I wish you every success in your role and hope you have as much enjoyment as I did in representing the alumni of Sedbergh.

People stayed until gone midnight, such was the jovial mood of the evening. The fine rendition of ‘Winder’, with John Seymour on the organ, had put everyone in high spirits. Drinks and conversation flowed.

In the morning, we headed for Chapel for the annual Benefactors Service where the great names of the past were read out. I have heard their names year after year, and I am hoping that Michael’s book on the history of Sedbergh will give me some insight as to who they were and what they did for the School.

One of the final acts of the weekend was to officially open the new all-weather sports pitches on Newfield. Dan Harrison explained the vision where the School had gathered the various disciplines into an epicentre for sport around the Hirst Centre.

Hockey Opening
Nick Davey (Director of Hockey) and Ben Collins (Associate Director of Alumni Development) at the opening of the hockey pitch

Thank you, as always, to the Headmaster and staff of Sedbergh School who allowed us to use their facilities and made us feel so welcome with their hospitality and fine food. It was another very enjoyable weekend.

The day concluded with OS netball, hockey and rugby matches. Unfortunately, the Anti-Assassins, who for so many years have challenged the OS to a fiercely contested game of rugby on OS weekend, were unable to make it, so the match was played using a mixture of OS and staff. We don’t record who won.

Jan van der Velde,

Director of Alumni Development