We are very excited in the Club to say that we have a plan to put together the first ever official OS band.

We have had several sporting OS teams for many years so now relish the opportunity to spread the concept into music.

In the first instance, we propose to create a lineup of keyboard/piano, guitar, trumpet, sax, bass and drums to play instrumental music and act as a backing band for OS vocalists.

The logistics of playing at a distance and together are obviously not going to be easy but we feel that there are ways of producing something worthwhile and enjoyable out of this if we don’t try to be over-ambitious.

We are fortunate to have OS Ben Crosland (H 64-69) and John Barraclough (P 69-72) to put this together.

Ben is a well-known accomplished jazz musician, composer and arranger. John, who used to be in a band with Ben, lives in Sedbergh and will be co-ordinating all aspects of this project as it moves forward.

2025 is the target for great musical celebration in the School calendar but we would very much like to get things moving as soon as we possibly can and be able to play at events before then.

Accordingly, we shall be very pleased if you can let us know, in principle, if you would be interested in joining the initial line-up to be arranged in the New Year.  

Please email if this is of interest to you.