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Chris played for the 1st XV during his time at Sedbergh School and captained them in the 2010-2011 season. Here Chris tells us about TI Rugby:

“I set up because after experiencing the academy route in sport from the age of 13 I realised there was a gap in the market to support young people trying to meet their potential. I took up coaching and coached multiple men’s and women’s teams during and after my time at Durham University. On leaving Durham I was approached for help by a female player trying to get into her national squad. Working with her made me realise there was huge inequality in the female game despite its growth. 

TI Rugby was built to provide support, guidance and specific rugby strength and conditioning for all female rugby players at every level. 

TI Rugby provides weekly online training plans that are specifically designed for rugby. It consists of four sessions designed to work alongside club training or be used as a stand-alone tool. We promise results with as little as two sessions a week. Accompanying every training plan is a link to video demonstrations by myself. Here, I talk through and demonstrate how to complete movements and offer information on rehab and prehab. We work with both Rugby League and Rugby Union athletes. 

 The difference between TI Rugby and other online training plans is: 

1. We understand almost all female athletes/players have other demands on their time and therefore we make every session time-efficient and each session can be done within an hour and some as little as 40 minutes. 

2. We provide a new program every week to keep it interesting and keep the player stimulated. 

3. Video demonstrations are provided to break down every movement

4. Every player who signs up has direct access to contact me, where I can help them work around injuries or niggles, look at some of their specific goals or offer further holistic advice. 

I have worked with a number of players so far both at the community club level as well as premiership and international players.”

If you would like to chat or discuss options with Chris you can contact him on chris@tirugby.com.

You can read more about it here https://tirugby.com/  and there is also an Instagram page just search for TI Rugby (https://www.instagram.com/tackleit_rugbycoach/).

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Chris Downham