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From time to time I like to sit here in my ivory tower and ponder life. It was on one such occasion that my mind wandered onto girls. Now, before you spill your marmalade while eating your breakfast it was in relation to girls at Sedbergh. Okay, still spilling the marmalade I suspect but there is a point to all this. Sedbergh is a co-educational establishment and has been for quite some years. But the Club, of which I am the Chairman, has failed miserably in attracting OS girls/ladies to OS functions. Quite why this should be has been the subject of much debate between me and our erudite Club Secretary.

Well, we came to the conclusion that action was needed and in August we arranged a girls only event in the Covent Garden Hotel in London. Amongst the invitees was the celestial collective body of Sara Hirst ( former Head of SJS), Lotte Wright ( Lupton Housemistress and Assistant Headmistress), Sue Wallace-Woodruff (former Lupton Housemistress and former Deputy Headmistress), Hayley Christie (Housemistress of Robertson House), Kate Wright and Faye Barker. This was a great draw and soon the room was filled with former residents of the girls houses who were pleased to see each other and delighted of course to meet the Mistresses who had guided them through their formative years.

I spoke at the evening. I made the point that I want the Club to be open to all and for everyone to feel welcome. In fact I want it to be the best Alumni Association of any school in the country. I cannot do this alone. I need the girls to engage with the Club as much as the boys. My duty as Chairman is to make sure the events are relevant and are themed such that all feel welcome and want to attend.

The evening was a great success. Having staff and former staff was a great attraction and made the evening. I am indebted to them for travelling to London and giving up their time (although I know they were likewise delighted to meet so many old girls). It was agreed by all that we should do the same thing next year.

One final observation. I don’t really like the term old girls, or indeed old boys. It sounds a bit patronising. If we are to distinguish between the sexes, (and we do if we are going to make events relevant and attractive), then perhaps Sedberghians and Sedberghiennes might be better. Answers on a postcard please.

Cheers All,

Jan van der Velde
Chairman OS Club