Lauren Crowson (L 05-10) recently became a world champion long-range rifle shooter with the rest of the GB U25 rifle team. She joined the Sedbergh School shooting team in 2005 and became Captain in her last year. Selected as an Atheling in 2010, Lauren was then selected to shoot in a GB U25 match while on the Athelings tour and achieved top score. Representing the GBU19s against South Africa in 2011, she travelled again to South Africa with the GB team in 2012. She now shoots for Yorkshire and won the Alexandra trophy at Bisley last year, competing against just under 1,000 other shooters. Lauren studied Business Management at Lancaster University and was awarded a BSc (hons) degree. She is now Operations Manager at Mackenzies Smokehouse, managing the shop, restaurant and factory, and 35 members of staff. “The lasting memory of my first week at Sedbergh was standing outside the sports centre being offered the chance to try shooting on the indoor range.

9. Lauren Crowson

Before I knew it I was lying behind a small bore rifle, propped up on a sandbag, aiming at a target. I attribute my current success at Shooting to those early days. I firmly believe that establishing good foundations at any activity allows you to push yourself and achieve so much more in the long run. Sedbergh was that foundation. I had access to a great indoor range, the best equipment and the help of an experienced shooting coach. Had I been at any other school, balancing shooting with music and academic work would have been an impossibility but Sedbergh is no ordinary school. I was able to pursue all of the activities whilst not affecting my academic career. It’s only when I look back at how it all started, on the steps outside the sports hall, and where I have come from that moment, that I come to think of Sedbergh as the backbone to my success at Shooting.”