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Recently appointed Captain of Prestbury Golf Club, Nick Wood (H 69-74), was present at the recent Centenary launch and flag raising ceremony which followed eight years of planning.

The celebrations began as the Ladies’ Captain as well as the Gentlemen’s Captain, Nick, both hit impressive drives off the first tee. Then it was over to the flagpole by the clubhouse where they raised the Centenary Flag and a Union Jack. Back in the clubhouse Nick gave the opening speech welcoming guests and thanking all of the Centenary committee for their sterling efforts. He then gave an account of the history of one of top clubs in Cheshire.

In his speech Nick Wood gave a good insight in to the history and development of the club over the past 100 years.

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“Now as the great Bobby Jones said:- ’Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball from where it lies’,” Nick said.

“Golf has been played for centuries. The game is built on the strong foundations provided by its founding fathers, upholding ancient traditions of fair play, etiquette and deference to the rules. Modern golf combines these principles with the best in modern technology and global competition.

“There are arguments that suggest the game was founded by the Chinese or by the Romans to name just two examples but the spiritual home of the game golf is St Andrews in Scotland. Local lore has it that 12th-century shepherds invented the game of golf on land which was to become the famous Old Course by clubbing stones into rabbit holes with sticks. The Scottish game is set apart from others by one simple stipulation: that the ball must land in a hole. The first written evidence relating to the game of golf was in 1457.

“By comparison therefore we are a relative newcomer to this fantastic game. Our 75th anniversary book described the formation of Prestbury and Upton Golf Club as being founded in 1920 by a few golfing enthusiasts, a pleasant blend of professional and business men, some of whom were members of Macclesfield Golf Club, who lived in the district and who wished to have an 18 hole course on rather less strenuous terrain.

“The Club was founded on Fields Farm, which had no mills, a number of pleasant houses and was on sandy soil. Hopes of opening the Club in July 1920 proved over optimistic and it wasn’t until April 1921 that the first competition was held on part of the course. In fact the official opening wasn’t until 26th April 1924. Mr Tom Taylor, Club Captain, had the honour of driving the inaugural ball on this occasion.

“Any member Club lives and dies by the strength of its membership and I would like to think that Prestbury’s friendly and welcoming approach will keep us right up there with the best in Cheshire.”

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French exile Carl Fearns has shone a disturbing light on the battle hundreds of out-of-contract players are facing as clubs across Europe tighten their belts.

With Lyon slow to offer Fearns a suitable new deal despite the part he has played in their rise from Pro D2 to the cusp of winning a Top 14 title, the former England No.8 had been hoping to take his young family home with a Premiership contract safely secured.

However, the global health crisis threatens to scupper his chances, with Fearns telling The Rugby Paper: “A lot of things have gone on which are out of my hands but the most frustrating thing now is that the market is collapsing and it’s an awkward position to be in.

“First there was the salary cap business in England which was making clubs a bit wary anyway and now there’s the coronavirus, so everything’s up in the air and clubs are not talking about contracts or new signings while they’re knocking 25 per cent off current players.

“I was hearing from my agent that clubs were interested, but now it’s all gone quiet and it looks like I’m going to head home without a job. My rent’s up on my house here in June and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to travel by then, so it’s quite a stressful time.”


When the current situation eventually clears, the destructive Liverpudlian feels he still has plenty to offer.

Fearns, 30, said: “I’d hope to still be in demand. I’ve got enough experience in my career to be an attractive signing and if I had to hang my boots up now, I’d be gutted because I feel I’ve still got a good two or three years left in me at the highest level.

“It would hit me hard to finish now but hopefully it won’t come to that. I’ve played a lot of games in the Top 14 and Champions Cup this season and I’m fully fit and feeling good, so I’ve been getting through a lot of work and have a lot more to give yet.”

After overcoming an ACL injury that wrecked his 2017/18 campaign, Fearns has been a big part of Lyon’s success. He added: “From where we were in Pro D2 to now being second in the Top 14, I’ve done everything I can to try and put Lyon in a better place.

“It would have been great to finish my time here with a Top 14 title but whatever happens I’ll still be happy with what I’ve done.

“I’ve enjoyed my time and it re-energised my career after leaving Bath in 2015, so I’ll leave France with no bitterness.”

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Stage, Film, and Voice Actor JB Blanc (P 84-87) Shares His Story of Going to a Rugby Boarding School


JB Blanc took a seat in the Green Room of the American MediaJuice Studios to talk about his career in acting, on stage, film, in the voice over booth, and more. JB shares his story of going from a rugby boarding school to working on over 200 video games including Fortnite, Apex Legends, Uncharted and more. Click here to listen to the full interview.


Georgina Boyd-Moss (L 13-18)

Ali Crossdale (P 14-16)

Tom Curtis (S 17-19)

Archie Davies (P 14-19)

Tabitha Holdsworth (R 12-18)