Os Connect1

We are pleased to announce that the Old Sedberghian Club Online Platform, OS Connect, has been upgraded to the ‘Next Generation Platform’!

The upgrade provides increased mentoring and networking functionalities with an enhanced user interface to facilitate a more efficient exchange of experiences, opportunities and career knowledge between Old Sedberghians. Users are also now able to customise their suggested mentors or mentees based on editable algorithm and there is also now a dedicated page for mentoring.

The site is still free and an exclusive benefit of being a member of the Sedberghian alumni network.

What’s you can do on OS Connect:

  • Your profile: Make instant updates to your employment information and add additional career roles and experience. Share updates with the rest of the network about projects you’re currently involved in
  • Directory: Find old friends, make new connections – professional or personal
  • Knowledge sharing: Volunteer to be a mentor for Year 13 students and/or alumni, or search for an OS who can help you with career advice and information
  • Jobs and opportunities: Find and share job vacancies and other opportunities, such as internship opportunities, academic/study opportunities, or anything professionally useful you want to advertise to other members
  • Events: Find out about OS events and book your place, or advertise your own alumni events and manage the entire registration process through the platform

The recent upgrade offers a timely opportunity for all 1,200 users to update their current employment information as well as specify how they are willing to give back, using an increased number of willing to help options.

No matter when you left Sedbergh or where you are in the world, OS Connect allows your Sedbergh experience to continue well beyond the time you studied at Sedbergh and to enjoy the benefits of being part of the OS network.

There is also an app available for all devices which can be downloaded from either the Apple Store or Google Play.

Click here to download the app from the Apple Store and here from the Google Play Store. See below for detailed download instructions: