There are a number of vigorous Old Sedberghians competing in this year’s London Marathon with charity places. Each have earned their place to raise money for a variety of important causes close to their hearts. Please see below for more information on each of their journeys.

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Georgia Boyd-Moss (L 13-18) has won a charity a place in this year’s London Marathon on 26th April and will be running for her chosen charity, conservation group Tusk Trust. Georgina says, “It is something I have always wanted to do and it’s a great honour to be running for [Trust Tusk], which has for almost 30 years supported pioneering projects in more than 20 countries, and increased security for over 10 million acres of land for more than 40 different threatened species.”

In 2018, Tusk Trust injected a record £8 million into a whole range of conservation projects.

Even the most iconic of all the African species, the lion, is now officially classified as ‘vulnerable’ as their numbers have plummeted by over 40% due to loss of habitat and human conflict.

“I’d be so grateful for any donation and the money I can raise by running in the London Marathon will go towards these vital projects to look after and nurture our natural world,” Georgina says.

To help Georgina reach her fundraising target, please click here.

Tom Tyrer (H 12-16) To Run Manchester & London Marathons For Alzheimer’s Society


Tom Tyrer (H 12-16) will be running not one but two marathons this spring, starting with the Manchester Marathon on 5th of April and the London Marathon on 26th April. Not only that, but Tom will also be running in fancy dress which he hopes will encourage donations to his chosen charity, the Alzheimer’s Society.

Like many, Tom says he has seen the first-hand affects of this devastating disease on not only the people living with it but also their close family and friends.

There are around 850,000 people affected by dementia in the UK and countless more families and friends. Going into the 21st century, dementia was be predicted to be one of the largest causes of death. Due to an ageing population, the number of people affected by dementia will unfortunately rise.

In Alzheimer’s disease, changes occur in the brain that go beyond those associated with normal ageing. These changes include the build-up of two proteins, called amyloid and tau.

Medical Research into the formation and involvement of these proteins is vital to developing advancements in diagnosis and treatment. The Alzheimer’s Society is striving towards this and is ultimately dedicated to supporting families affected by the disease. 

Please click here to help Tom reach his fundraising target.

Sam Head (S 08-13) To Run London Marathon For Mental Health Charity


On the 26th April 2020, Sam will be running the London Marathon in aid of Relate Chesterfield and North Derbyshire. All money raised will help to provide young people aged 11-18 years with counselling support for issues such as mental health, anxiety and depression.

Sam says he has seen the detrimental effects that issues such as mental health and depression can have on young people and realises the importance of being able to see a dedicated local counsellor without a long waiting time. It is for this reason that he has chosen to support this local charity, where he believes the money raised will make a real difference.

Any donations and support would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you would be interested in business sponsorship please let Sam know and he can organise business logos to be displayed on his running vest.

Please click here to see Sam’s funding page if you are able to support and for additional information about the charity.

Cameron Harris (S 17-19) To Run London Marathon For MS Charity

After successfully completing the London Marathon last year, Cameron Harris (S 17-19) has again won a charity place for the 2020 London Marathon and will be raising money for the charity close to his heart, MS-UK. MS-UK provides support for people affected by multiple sclerosis, which is around 107,000 in the UK and 2.3 million people worldwide. In 2006, Cam’s mother was diagnosed with MS.

Although Cam recognises that he and his family have been lucky to have been provided with support and health care, he is all too aware that not everyone is as lucky as his family. When asked about his experience of last year’s London Marathon, which he finished in a time of 4:26:41, Cam said, “It is one of the best experiences I have ever [had]. When you are coming around and see the finish line it’s just the best feeling in the world. It was such an incredible experience last year I could not wait to put my name forward to run for MS-UK again. They are a fantastic team of dedicated people.”

“The service which MS-UK provides gives reassurance that there is someone to listen to when you really need a friendly voice to hear your concerns,” he says.

Last year Cam raised £2,500 and this year has a set £2000 fundraising target. Please click here for more information.

Andrew Watson (H 06-11) To Run London Marathon For Children’s Charity


Andrew Watson (H 06-11) will be running the 2020 London Marathon in support of the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice. The charity helps seriously unwell children and their families make the most of the special time they have together. The majority of babies and children they support are unlikely to reach their 18th birthday. Their staff and volunteers provide clinical, emotional and practical support to families across North and Central London and Hertsmere. For more information on the charity, please click here. To help Andrew reach his fundraising target, please click here.

The OS Club wishes the very best of luck to all OS competing in support of such terrific causes.