OS Weekend

It is Autumn, and as if the weather wasn’t enough to help you set your watch, it was also OS weekend. A timely reminder that I am getting older just when I have been doing lots of exercise in a hopelessly vain attempt to regain my youth. That and I am of course racing the Bursar, Peter Marshall, around the Wilson Run again in March in another thrilling victory of mind over matter, while our limbs creak and scare the sheep.

But back to OS weekend and it was great to see so many old friends and make some new ones. We had a fine display of sport by the School which is part of the attraction of going and then, after our AGM, we were off to dinner in a resplendent Powell Hall.

This year we had approached things slightly differently. It is all part of the new dynamic of the Club and our vision to be the best Alumni Association of any school in the country. So we welcomed John Sergeant, dandy supremo from Strictly, but more importantly a man with a lifetime in journalism, in politics and as a war correspondent.

John was, to use an idiom, a great sport. He came to the President’s lunch on the Saturday and spoke to some of the pupils amongst others. Generally he was happy to walk around the School and chat to people. At our evening dinner he spoke for half an hour about his life experiences. Clearly a great fan of Margaret Thatcher he told the story of how he had once dropped his lunch and she cleaned up after him.

His message was about finding our true self. Having spent a lifetime looking he had come to the conclusion that there is more than one self and we should instead look to ‘find ourselves’.

I like this notion. It has an enduring aspect. It suggests a journey rather than a station.

So, on that note, may I wish you all happy travels as you continue your own journey through life. Find yourselves, and then, when you have a suitable cast of thousands, come back to your Alma Mater and tell us all about them.

Until then!

Jan van der Velde
Chairman OS Club