On Friday 15 November, over 180 OS, parents, friends and staff came together at the Drapers’ Hall in London for the OS Club and Sedbergh School Foundation Gala Dinner. It was a real pleasure to see so many faces young and old, familiar and new, all of whom share such strong affinity for the School.  After dinner was served, OS Ben Morison (S 88-93) and Jack Wood (P 89-94) from the FlipFlopi Project spoke to guests about their vital work in raising awareness of ocean pollution from plastic waste. Their remarkable story highlighted just how a Sedberghian education can provide the first steps to a future of distinction and influence and we very much look forward to watching their progress with their future expeditions.

Thank you to all who joined us for a memorable evening.  Please see below a selection of photos from the event.

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Isabella Bennett (Foundation Director), Dan Harrison (Headmaster), Jack Wood (P 89-94), Ben Morison (S 88-93), Andrew Fleck (Principal), Ben Collins (Alumni Director/P 96-02), Jan Van Der Velde (OS Club Chairman/L 77-82)
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Ben Morison (S 88-93), Peter Marshall (Chief Operating Officer) and Jack Wood (P 89-94)
Shyam Radia, Ben Morison (S 88-93), Natalie Wood and Jack Wood (P 89-94)
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Dan Harrison (Headmaster), Jack Wood (P 89-94), Ben Collins (Alumni Director/P 96-02), Ben Morison (S 88-93)
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Ben Collins (Alumni Director/P 96-02) and Jan Van Der Velde (OS Club Chairman/L 77-82)
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Will Newman (Headmaster, Casterton Sedbergh Prep School) and Liz Newman
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Charlie Parker (E 05-13), Alex Coral (H 04-11), Fred Parker (E 03-09), Tom Steadman (H 10-12), Jack Harrison (H 06-11), Max Smith (P 06-11), Toby Bentley (S 06-11), Angus Strachan (H 05-12), and James Carruthers (E 10-17)
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Chris Downs (E 03-08) and Oli Stephenson (E 04-09)
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Oli Stephenson (E 04-09), Chris Downs (E 03-08), and Oliver Brown (E 02-07)
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Nicky Van Der Velde and Mandy Marshall
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Oli Stephenson (E 04-09) and Fred Parker (E 03-09)
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Chessie Brook (R 06-11) and Jessica Ormerod

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Drapers7 1
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Katharine Blair (L 06-11), Sara Hirst (Former Senior Mistress and Headmistress) and Sally Wellock (R 08-13)
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Rosemary and Tim Hoult (SH 47-52)
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Adam Hanline (SH 97-02), Marcus Baker (W 97-02), Robert Buchanan (S 95-02) and Ben Collins (Alumni Director/P 96-02)
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Jean-Paul Skoczylas (W 97-02), Hillary Skoczylas, Henry Johnson (W 97-02)
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Brigadier David Biggart, OBE (OS Club President/P 59-65)
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Emily Warren-Barratt (L 11-13), Phillipa Hill (R 12-14) and Oliver Field (P 09-13)
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Emily Warren-Barratt (L 11-13), Oliver Field (P 09-13) and Phillipa Hill (R 12-14)
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Tom Hutchinson (H 06-11), Emma Sayer, Robbie Stephenson (P 07-12), Andrew Watson (H 03-11), Sophie Chapman, and Sophie Turnell
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Andrew Windle (H 02-07), Laurie Elliott, Francesca Windle, and Adam Maling (H 04-09)
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Laurie Elliott, Andrew Windle (H 02-07), and Adam Maling (H 04-09)
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Mike Adams (Former Governor/VP of OS Club/W 46-50)
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Selva Ramasamy, QC (S 83-88)
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Katharine Blair (L 06-11) and Sally Wellock (R 08-13)