The Old Sedberghians had a record turn out of shooters for the Public Schools’ Veterans Competition on 13th July which was held immediately after the Ashburton Shield Competition. For the first time in many years there were enough firers for 3 full teams which also reflected the talents of the younger OS shooters several of whom are now competing at international level. The competition was shot at 500 yards in conditions which were more challenging than usual with strong winds and threatening rain showers. In view of the quality among the younger shooters the teams were selected as follows (scores included):

OS A Team:

Harriet Bramwell – 48.4

Sarah Rorison – 48.5

Angus Strudwick – 47.4

Harry Welch – 47.3

Katherine Fleck – 48.5

Team Total – 238.21 (the .21 refers to the number of central bulls) 

OS B Team

Lauren Robinson (Nee Crowson) – 49.7

Will Squires – 49.5

Oli Christy – 48.4

Peter Bromley – 49.6

Mark Wrigley – 49.6

Team Total – 244.28

OS C Team

Charles Anyan – 43.3

Ben Jones – 49.3

Megan Kenyon – 43.0

Abi Gibbs – 47.3

Toby Lehmann – 47.5

Team Total – 229.14

The B team comprising some of the more experienced shots won the day and were placed second in the “B” tea competition one point behind the Old Greshams team. We were placed 5th in the aggregate competition based on the combined scores of all 3 teams. Lauren Robinson was the top OS score of the day winning the McMullen Trophy with 49.7 which showed an impressive return to form after several years away from the sport. It was great to have this trophy back with us, it having briefly disappeared during the disruptions caused by Covid!

As a belated mention that in addition to those OS who have shot at international level before either for Great Britain or at National level, Harriet Bramwell has been selected to Captain the GB Under 25 Team to the World Championships in South Africa in 2024 and we have just had the news that Sarah Rorison and Daisy Armstrong have been selected for the GB Under 21 Team in the same competition.

Importantly it is not just the shooting that counts and after enjoying catching up on the range, we adjourned to the RAF Small Arms Association Club for an excellent BBQ hosted by the Ian Christy IC Sedbergh Shooting who has done so much to encourage younger shooters to remain in the sport. Several who could not make the competition because of work commitments arrived in time for the main Imperial Meeting competitions.