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Peter Meadows (1936-2017)

Peter was born in Worcester on the 20th January 1936. He attended King’s School, Worcester from 1945 to 1954 where he was a school prefect and played for the 1st XI and 2nd XV.

After leaving school Peter did military service commissioned with the Worcestershire Regiment. He was then seconded as a 2nd Lieutenant to the Sierra Leone regiment (RWAFF).


After completing two years of military service Peter attended Cambridge University, where he gained an Exhibition in History to Selwyn College. He played for his college 1st XI and XV. He also played for the Cambridge University Crusaders Cricket Club.

Shortly after graduating from Cambridge in 1959, Peter was appointed to the staff of Sedbergh School where he taught History, English, Economics and Politics. It was to be the start of a long and distinguished career at Sedbergh.

Peter married his wife Judith in 1960, a year after joining Sedbergh and they had three children: Nick (Sedgwick 75-80), Elizabeth and Alistair (Hart 84-89).

In 1970, Peter was appointed Housemaster of Winder House, where his first house tutors were Brooke Dowse and John Morris.  Along with Gerry Blackwell, Brooke and John enjoyed a close friendship with Peter throughout their careers at Sedbergh.

Between 1970-1985 in Winder, Peter and Judith ran a happy and nurturing house.  Peter’s calm and encouraging approach resulted in the successful development of many Winderians.


Outside the house, Peter was a captain in the CCF, coached Colts A and rugby and cricket.  His lifelong love of cricket saw him regularly play for the Sedbergh Town Cricket Club and the Cryptics Cricket Club, where he once took all 10 wickets against the Yorkshire Gents with his beguiling left arm spin bowling.

In 1990 having taught for 31 years Peter retired due to difficulty with his hearing, but within a few years was back in the school as Secretary of the OS Club. He supported the Club in this role from 1993-2000.

In retirement Peter and Judith lived in Middleton-in-Lonsdale, where they were both very involved in the local community. Peter remained a strong supporter of the school and remained close friends with a number of his Sedbergh colleagues.

He regularly played golf at  Kirkby Lonsdale Golf Club. He was also member of Kirkby Lonsdale RUFC, regularly enjoyed fishing on the River Lune and singing in a local choir in Barbon.

Peter passed away on 12th April 2017 at home in Middleton after a fight with prostate cancer, with his family alongside him.