Robert Swan, OBE (W 70-74) Set To Fulfill Lifelong Dream of Crossing The Antarctic Landmass

World-renowned polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan is currently undertaking a voyage from the Thiel Mountains in Antarctica to the South Pole, and in doing so will complete a journey he started 35 years ago. Robert set off on his latest expedition on 1st December with an estimated arrival date at the South Pole set for 14th January next year.

Robert, who is the first man to ever walk unsupported to both the North and South Poles, has christened his journey “The Last 300,” as he looks to complete the remaining 300 miles of a South Pole venture with his son, Barney, that he was forced to abruptly abort half way through last year. “After 300 of the 600 miles my hip disintegrated. Now I have a brand-new hip,” Robert says.

Robert (right) with his son, Barney

Robert’s journey will also promote his 2041 Foundation which aims to highlight that a treaty which preserves the Antarctic lapses in 2041 and emphasises that something must be done to continue to protect the frozen landscape. As the founder of the 2041 Foundation, Robert has dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica and the planet through promoting renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change.

Robert’s expedition will raise awareness for the continued preservation of Antarctica and highlight the need for a clean and sustainable energy future for our entire planet.

“I’d made a promise to leave Antarctica as I found it,” says Swan. “It took a long time and I was bankrupt but it was worth it. It shaped my life and I’ve never looked back.”

For more information on Robert’s journey, please visit the 2041 Foundation website here. The website also includes a live route map tracking Robert’s progress.