Dear Old Sedberghian Community,

The Old Sedberghian Club is initiating a ‘Sedbergh Global Run’ focusing on the 2019 OS Wilson Run Dinner and Wilson Run. The purpose of this special event is to globally unite the Sedbergh community for the largest School event of the year.

From the 22nd-26th March, Old Sedberghians are invited to take part in the Global Run by doing the following:

1. Tweet a running photo/video using the hashtag #SedberghGlobalRun.
2. State your location in the tweet.
3. Describe your memories of the Wilson Run.

For further inspiration, please watch the Old Sedberghian Club’s new Sedbergh School Running video which features exclusive footage of the Wilson Run and further information about this unique challenge. We hope the video brings back nostalgic memories of a shared heritage and encourages you to take part.

A video will be created with all the footage received and shared at the OS Wilson Run Dinner on the eve of the Run, as well as at the Wilson Run Concert, in order to globally connect the Sedbergh community with the School.

If you are interested in getting involved, or have any questions, please contact me at

We look forward to seeing your tweets soon.

Best wishes,

Ben Collins

Wilson Run Video 7
Strain And Struggle